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    Loneliness can prove to be pretty expensive.

    Nuclear family has brought about another kind of danger and that is loneliness. Here loneliness is expensive too as some incident caused me to share this with you all.

    A women arrested had duped a person after marrying him and later running away with all his jewellery and money after winning his trust. That person was 50 year plus and his wife has expired a few years ago and his children's settled abroad.

    More was revealed once she spilled out the beans that this was not a random incident but she had already duped 8 more persons before duping him.

    I wonder what price we pay for being alone after discharging all our Worldly duties.
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    There are many such incidents which are being reported in media. These days people are not having any ethics and they are trying all ways and means to make some good money. They will exploit the weakness of a person and encash. yesterday I have seen a piece of news in a newspaper which reported an incident that happened in Hyderabad. A lady and her boyfriend killed the husband of that lady and went missing. The man is a very rich person and he has no sons or daughters. The police of Hyderabad is investigating the case. Really there are people who never give importance to the lives of other people for their luxuries and happiness.
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    Loneliness is not only taxing but also risky if wrong doers know the situation and they surely take advantage of it. What the author mentioned was unfortunate and the lonely man was cheated and robbed. One of my relative is staying in a rented house owned by a widow women. She stays down stairs on one room and given the upper portion to the rent and fetches her 8000 per month and that is the only income for her. My relative was staying there since 10 years and continuing and also helpful to the old lady many ways. Had other tenant would have been there just imagine the situation of the old women who cannot mend the ways and so weak. So there are good people who regard and respect lonely people but wrong doers are more in the public and they look for a chance with such lonely people and deceive them easily.
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    Good topic. If joint family system prevails four brothers can live together in a big house for rent of 20000 but if they live nuclear each cannot get a house at Rs.5000 for them. In addition to that the regular expenses can be divided as share but if nuclear the whole expenses have to bore by individual.
    I have a friend who lives with his three brothers jointly and all the three brothers have solemnized their sons and daughters by sharing the marriage expenses without any loan or pledging as they have a good monthly savings and offering to other brothers. Besides this their children were taken care by their parents and sister in laws who are not employed. The children got developed with good manners and collectively do all their home works etc.,

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    It is the human behaviour to trust anyone unless some adverse report is not known to the other party. There are reports that people living lonely are sometimes entrapped to someone with different promising offers including the contact of marriage. If someone proceeds in that direction, the ultimate result can be disastrous. May be a lady of age group of 35 declaring herself being widow approaches someone with a marriage proposal and once this is agreed upon, one fine day he may find that that his entire possession has been looted in his absence from the flat. Hence, it should be our prime task to keep our eyes open always especially if we come across from an unknown personality.

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    Spending money on materialistic things are going to drill our pockets like television, refrigerator, washing machine which can be commonly used by all members. The coat per head reduces in cluster family than the nuclear family. The workloads can be shared with mutual understanding but to our disguise, the word understanding has itself become mus understanding now. As regards relationship, we have to be careful in choosing our life partners. Some people are ready to cheat but in the long run it may not be helpful to them. Take care and see that the movable be kept carefully.
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    Many such incidents are happening nowadays, it is true that people take advantage of the loneliness of a person more then others and in today's world there are many people who live in this waiting to meet someone who has fulfilled its entire responsibility but now feels alone, people often use such people to fulfill their evil intentions. Such incidents raise questions on humanity whether in today's time noting is valuable more than money ? a person's sense of trust, relationship does not matter for those people. How people are becoming so mean, sometimes due to such incidents, even fear of trusting good people also.
    Swati Sharma

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