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    If your have urge to learn then surge of progress is for sure

    Be it a student, housewife, office goer or even elders, the urge to learn things would make them one step ahead of others and in that process they are not only regarded and respected and even on their own count the surge of progress is for sure. Even in this site those who have to urge to contribute daily and regularly are leading their respective sections getting them name and fame along with rewards and awards. And those who learn can also part with their knowledge to others who are ignorant of the things being experienced.
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    A person who inclines to learn can learn new things irrespective of age. Some people will have the ambition to excel in their lives. Such people will always try to learn new things and work constantly on achieving their ambition. But some people will try just for time pass. Such people may not worry about the outcome but see that they will be engaged in one or the other activity always.
    Even we see some students who feel that they should be the rank holders and some students who feel that a pass is sufficient. All depends on the mindset of the individual. So if you have the urge to excel in your field of specialisation you put in hard and smart work and see that you attain your goal.
    Definitely what we learn can be shared with others and we will not lose anything because of sharing our knowledge. In fact, by sharing our knowledge, our knowledge will increase.

    always confident

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