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    Stick to your goal and ambition no matter people would divert you

    When we have passed out from the 10th class we might have already decided what is the future program careerwise and thus chose the courses of higher education. When we have the ambition and goals in right place, do not give room for others to interfere and advise for something else. We should not give credence to their new suggestions otherwise we may not only get distracted but would be hesitatingly move towards our goal. And once the interest is lost then getting the right results in future would be great difficulty.
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    Be firm in a goals and efforts to achieve it. If we show a little bit of agility and get carried away by emotions, then the intensity of your efforts will decrease and you will miss your goal. If someone really wants to achieve his goal then make a concerted effort in the right direction. If people constantly change their mindset and set different goals without being firm on any one goal then they will not be able to achieve a single goal. In this way people will have wasted both their time and energy and you will get nothing in return. Therefore, we should use both our time and energy wisely, provided it is also necessary to ensure a certain supply of both. So, spend time thoughtfully and at the same time, you should also set your goal thoughtfully and not jokingly set any goal.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    There is a very good poem in Telugu. The meaning of that poem is that hear all the peoples suggestions. But don't be in a hurry to implement those suggestions. Understand and think twice and follow the best course of action which suits you. I feel this is the best way one should act. You decide. But before deciding to understand the situation well and if we want to take suggestions from other people, take them. But finally, it is you should only take the final decision. once you took the decision to go ahead and implement the same. Focus on the goal and come out with flying colours. Concentration and focus are very important for success Arjuna concentrated and focussed so much that he could see only the eye of the bird which he has to suit as ordered by his Guru Drona. SUch focus only will give you success always.
    always confident

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    People around us would give us all types of suggestion for making our career. Some of them would be doing it without our asking for it that is unsolicited advices. We have to just listen them, bear with it, and register in our mind for our general knowledge and sometimes it might be something new also. At the same time what we have to do and not to do is a decision that only we have to take because we know what is our mindset and what are our likings or dis-likings when it comes to making a career. Your career is your own stake. Others are only audiences from outside.
    Knowledge is power.

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