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    Failure teaches more lessons than success.

    Biggest teacher in our lives is not success but failure. When you succeed you think you deserved it but, when you succeed after facing a failure then you earn it.

    When you fail, you learn
    - about your shortcomings,
    - humility,
    - about patience,
    - about value of time
    - about preserverance
    - about attitude
    - about determination

    What lessons have you learnt from failure?
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    Success and failure only come for some time, both go by teaching us something. If success teaches us that hard work and positive vision brings sweet fruit, then failure helps us to understand weaknesses so that we can do better in future. Failure is a natural impetus that pushes us towards success, when we get sweet fruits in success, then we should not be over confident and proud. In short, when faced with both success and failure, we need to maintain an appropriate and balanced attitude. For that we need to accept the temporary stages of life, success and failure, they come and go. When success or failure comes, it helps in maintaining positive balanced behavior. This attitude does not make you very confident at the time of success and does not disappoint you at the time of failure.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Everyone wants to succeed in his life and reality is that nobody likes to encounter hurdles and difficulties while he is on his way to reach his set goal but life is quite mysterious, it opens new avenues, almost every moment, pertaining to his efforts but only a few people welcome the unwelcome challenges. Failure, difficulties, untoward vagaries of circumstances can knock any moment at threshold we should be ready to face them.

    Generally, we ourselves are responsible for our failures, but instead of confessing we like to blame on others for our failure, especially, while being a part of a team. Undoubtedly sometimes external factors entail us unsuccess despite all our best executed planning and positive approach but we must never be disappointed because disappointment kills us.

    Failure should always be considered as a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence which gives us a starting point to move on new open page ahead with new enthusiasm, resolution and steadfastness.

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    Yes. This point is discussed many times. But a worthy topic which deserves appreciation. Failures are the steps for success. Success attained in the first attempt itself is good. But if we fail once also we need not worry. We should try to understand the reasons for failure and try to correct yourself so that in the next attempt you will be successful. This is giving you more in-depth knowledge and you are enriched with the more subject matter. That will be useful to you in the days that are coming. But if you are not utilising the chance and analysing the reasons for failure, you are wasting an opportunity and you may fail again or even you are successful you have not learned the reasons for failure and you may face some more failures in the future. So understanding failure and not repeating the mistakes is the key to success for anybody.
    always confident

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    Failures not only teach us the lesson of life but also make us more guarded, more concerned and also more alert than before because we now have the whole lot of experience of failure through which we have learned how to swim and get out of the situation. And the person becomes more self confident if the success is almost touched his threshold but missed the chance with whisker. Such person should be searched and take lessons from him, because the way he faced the failure at the last moment, the way he sustain the living moment at that time need to be appreciated and that is where the start of good life lies.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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