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    Should we live for ourselves or to show the world?

    How much hard work we have to do, and then this value, prestige and respect comes in the eyes of others. One who has to work hard is sometimes not natural, we are all naturally busy in making ourselves friendly to others! Even then the work of the leaders goes on because their life is of another type, but we ordinary people continue to make ourselves better and better for others throughout life and remain just as spectators in the last.
    If someone says that you are intelligent, then we agree. People will come and say that you are successful, then we believe in being successful. Some people come to the door and say that there is no one as beautiful as you, then we are happy and if someone say there is no revolutionary like you, then you get angry! Everything is done by the eyes of others.
    We become as the world wants to see us. This allows us to adapt to the world, but perhaps we drift away from ourselves
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    Exactly what the author is trying to imply is not well understood. But perhaps what you mean is that as an individual moves further up the heirachy of our society he/she becomes more artificial than real. If this is what is being implied by the author then I must say this not necessarily true. However a majority of people develop their perception based on feedback by others these others maybe their friends, family members etc. Another thing that must be pointed out is that we as a species are perhaps the only one so far with complex lanfuage modalities. This has also led to the kind of per ception we develop over time. Also we thrive on benefits, a person deemed to be sucessful would be deemed as beneficial to the society, hence you might find people calling him/her beautiful or intelligent, coz they've benefits involved. Do'nt go too far take the example of Hollywood and Bollywood for that matter, these two industries thrive on feedback and benefits from the masses and for the masses. In the end this is just part of being a human. There are good parts to us and there are darker parts to us too. We must ensure that this darkness not overwehlm us and lead us into wrong direction both as individual and as collective.

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    This post has immediately connected me to a famous on going Tamil serial called Pandian Stores in which the elder brother and his wife sacrifice their life and enjoyment for the sake of other three brothers and they treat the three brothers as their own children and the situation comes to such a pass that when the second brother wife gets pregnant and rituals being held, she was not authorised to do the same as they do not have child and a baren lady cannot perform the pre-delivery rituals as done in Tamil Nadu. That was moving scene and the answer to what the author has raised. Some people feel the pleasure of living for others but the society thinks that they are not required for the good and bad moments of celebrations and thus they talk mean about them. Sometimes we have to live for others and for us also.
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    Many people live to show off as it gets them a recognition in a class of people where otherwise they would not be able to enter or make a place. So for getting acceptance in a coterie of people they sometimes go beyond their means to show off even if they had to take loan to maintain that show off. I remember one of my colleague who was very down to the Earth one day was offering me Khichadi (a dish which generally we do not offer to the guests) as I reached there in his house in lunch time. He told me as that day he got it prepared as he was having some stomach problem so he offered me the same. He did not feel anything bad in that. That day I learned that you can survive in this world without show off also. Generally people do show off to avoid rejection from others who are at a financially higher level than them. If everyone is coming in brand new clothes in a function one might feel ashamed of his old dress and may be forced to get a new one or cancel going to the function.
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    Yes. I agree that many people in this world try to get appreciations from others. For that, they always want to show off themselves. Even though the knowledge they have is less, they try to show off as they are very knowledgeable. Some people waste money to have all the luxuries so that all others will think that they are rich. This is very dangerous and the families will get destroyed as they will be no resources but will be having many debts. They have to clear their debts by selling the assets they have and finally left with no livelihood. So I feel one should not go for unnecessary show-off. They should be on their own based on their position and maintain a healthy and happy life.
    always confident

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    Indirectly we live for others only though we are telling outside that we should not depend on others and we should live for ourselves.
    *In the eyes of those understand us, we are excellent
    *In the eyes of those envy on us, we are egoists
    *In the eyes of those new to us, we are ordinary persons
    *In the eyes of those love us, we are special
    *In the eyes of those grudge on us, we are bad
    *In the eyes of those selfish, we are to be removed
    *In the eyes of those opportunist, we are gullible
    *In the eyes of those who do not understand anything, we are confusing persons
    *In the eyes of those who are lazy, we are emergency snare
    So, we should care with others and at the same time should not neglect others.

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    We are simply a part of this world. Everyone lives by his own way and nobody wants to be butt in his own life by any other person. Some people are of serious nature and some are jocose but some people have been deprived of sanity are entitled for sympathy as they are prone to show off quite considerably.

    Reality is that Show off has become an essential part of lives and generally most of the people endorse this kind of nature of others. However on lower level of society, the cheap kingdom of commonmen wherein any show off is disliked but who cares of common man. These downtrodden and outcasted creatures are too backward to realize prominence of show off in the sight of people of show off. If you don't agree then see the attitude of elite class which includes our politicians, actors, businessmen, media personnel etc hush you up by their ostentatious and glitzy life style, communication, attitude and dealings.
    We're undergoing an unprecedented period of modern era which we had never experienced in past where I see a large number robotic human beings who were not a robot by birth but they have been transformed into a senseless machine.

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    We are not made for self, but for each other. This is one good answer to your query. How can one stay alone and what is the use of staying alone? We need society and society needs us. It is like a net woven by God. Earth is like a drama stage on which all human beings are actors. The time on stage is the life we live and it is in years months and days. So, the conclusion is - We are made for each other with show off and no show off.
    No life without Sun

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