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    A special request to ISC to honour the contest participants

    Dear ISC,
    Time and again I had been reiterating that the participants in ISC contests should be valued and honoured and awarded. But ISC is not heeding to my request. It goes like a siren blown into the deaf ears of ISC.

    ISC should know that the active members participating in contests are sparing their valuable time and wasting their energy to think, write and submit materials for the contests announced by ISC. But ISC takes it easy to select the best and ignore the rest.

    My request is this - ISC should value and honour the participants' efforts by awarding them some compensation by way of very little CC for their good efforts put in to participate in the contest.

    Supposing, in a contest, 10 members are participating. The selected first, second and third winners can be awarded the cash prizes as per the announcement. And the rest non-winning 7 participants can be awarded a very minimum cash credit of Rs.1/- or Rs.5 or Rs.10 (or as deemed fit) equally for their efforts put in to participate. Let the participants not go empty-handed. Rs.1/- has tremendous value as we understand through a recent incident.

    This is my sincere request for consideration by ISC Admin. I would like to get a positive response from the Webmasters of ISC.
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    I think a better option would be to increase the points of all the participants in addition to the points they get for submitting their post. This would be a lot easier for admins. No one goes empty handed every person is rewarded on the basis of how much effort they put in. Points too matter a lot with better better points member rank can be increased, further up they can reap monetary rewards like google adesense, konterra etc. There is not much sense in rewarding the partcipants with monetary benefits, since then there wo'nt be much value left between the ones who win and the rest. By creating this false scarcity of rewarding the best, the quality and hardwork of the content being produced is thus ensured. Hope this suggestion helps.

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    You must understand that earning money gives more satisfaction than a few points. We can also earn points by not participating in the contests. The contest is a different thing where members need to work hard. Such hard work needs to be appreciated and awarded. Generally, we seldom earn some CC for our posts and responses in the Forum section. We can earn only in bits and pieces. Only small drops make an ocean.

    Writing an article containing 1000 words for a competition by spending many hours, and getting no CC is a wastage of time and energy.

    No life without Sun

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    I am seconding with the author's mention that those who participate in the contest should also be suitably rewarded along with great winners. And during the group discussion is made if a member mentions a breaking point and from there if the discussions takes to new high, such member should be regarded and awarded. What I feel that if a member goes on appearing with mentions and contradictions again and again, naturally the number of presence from that member would be more and becomes candidate for winning chance and others who did contribute with valuable points are left in lurch.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    K Mohan sir's points seems more valid SuN. If we could implement this maybe your malady of not being rewarded enough could be cured, Let's hear out what other members have to say on this before we approach the admins.

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    In a lottery, only those numbers which were picked up in the lottery will only get the money. Other tickets will go waste. The money spent on purchasing is the same for the winner or loser. That is about the lottery.
    Coming to the contests, the contesting persons may be trying their best but the judges will select the best participants and awards based on the selection criteria. All other contestants may not get any reward or award but they will get the satisfaction of participation. That way I feel that all the contestants will get the satisfaction.
    As said by Mohan in his other thread Do not kill your will at the first fail and try further for success and to win awards. But remember thatFailure teaches more lessons than success.. If ISC is willing to give CC or Points or both to all the participants, I will come it and I think no member will have any objection for the suggestion given by the author or by the other members in this thread. But we have to wait and see the response of the think tank of ISC.

    always confident

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    Mr. Rao,
    We are not practicing how to participate in a contest. All ISCians are educated and intelligent. We are learning to participate in contests, and also learning to earn through participation. Satisfaction is not our goal. Our goal is to learn, earn and satisfy. Everything should go together.
    All our contributions, whether it is winning or non-winning, helps ISC to earn. Our materials submitted for the contests don't go waste. Hence I am suggesting a small share for our efforts put in to think, write and submit posts that could not win the prize, especially for the contests.

    No life without Sun

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    If the ISC cannot honor the contributing members even on small measure. then they can delete the contents because it is waste as per the administration.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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