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    Do not kill your will at the first fail

    Many of are surrounded by wants and aims and to achieve the same we have to create a will to have or grab it. Some of our wills may be weak and non cooperating and thus we lose the interest to have it in the first chance itself. But that does not mean the door is closed for us permanently. We are eligible to make many tries to achieve the goal. For example if someone fails or score less in the entrance exam, there is always chance and good result with the long term coaching and therefore the first failure should not stop the trying another time.
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    Failure teaches more lessons than success.. So one need not worry if they fail in his/her first attempt. Try again and you will achieve the goals. This is the fact we hear many times and we know. So let us try to learn from the mistakes and do forward in our life. An evergreen subject to discuss.
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