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    Let us tolerate and encourage debate and dissent

    It is ridiculous for the Government of India to give the Covid excuse for doing away with the question hour. The Government is clearly trying to just avoid any discussion on any subject and shows scant respect for the Opposition.

    This can be seen in various places. Historically, women have been taught to merely obey whatever their husbands tell or do or ask them to do -- without any question. Even if the huband does the most stupid things, the wife has to merely "adjust" to the new realities. Is this the halmark of an advanced and new society? Not encouraging dissent starts from the family.

    It extends to organizations where selfish bosses do whatever they can to suppress dissent. They just do not have the patience to listen and are not prepared to accept any new point of view or dissent from any subordinate. This is more often true of Government departments and even Public Sector companies. The problem is acute in many family managed companies in the private sector as well.

    As a society, we need a way out of this problem. We cannot and should not be convservative. We need to be broad-minded and should allow debate and discussion on a much larger scale.
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    Allowing question hour during the session with a pandemic in our land would be like adding salt to the injury. Owing to the pandemic, our government is in a critical state of economical emergency. This is not the time to prepare answers to the questions. As it is, the opposition is in questioning mood to put down the government through the media. No opposition party would suggest remedial actions to overcome the situation. Instead, they would be accusing the government. Now, if we allow question hour, the opposition will be disrupting the parliament proceedings. There won't be any peace in the parliament. Let our government take time to resume normalcy. Till then they can block the opposition firing the bullets.
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    Question hour in parliament will be to all the MPs. Not alone to opposition MPs. What the opposition party will do if they are allowed to ask questions. The opposition party is not able to manage their internal matters even efficiently and they are not able to find a candidate for the President post of their party. What they can do for the people? I feel that some people will get habituated to criticise the government for no reasons. So we need not worry about question hour.
    The Boss is more responsible in the Organisation than his assistants. When the management questions, the boss has to answers but not the subordinates. Meeting the targets and achieving desired profit margins will be the responsibility of the boss. So sometimes he has to manage the things in the way he wanted and in such times the boss may try to suppress the dissent.
    I think those days of hearing whatever the husband says by the wife are gone and these days quality has come and both wife and husband and wife are discussing and taking a decision.
    Criticism should be welcomed if it is constructive but criticism for the sake of criticism is not worth and one should not encourage such dissent or criticism.

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    It is ridiculous to argue that the Government is doing its best and that the Opposition will merely ask questions. It should be noted that we are still a democracy. It is rather surprising that SuN Sir should support such a lousy Government of India that has messed up everything. It first messed up the economy. Secondly, by compulsorily forcing thousands to walk to their native places, it only increased the infection. To sing peans of praise is rather surprising. The elimination of Question hour is the biggest blow to democracy.

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    When the government has good numbers in their favour, they may do such things and this is not the first time that a government enjoying a majority has done things entirely because it wishes so. I hope everybody remembers the famous words of Justice D.Y. Chandrachud in one of his judgements earlier where he mentioned that "Dissent is the safety valve of democracy". The problem with many of us is tolerance. Many cannot tolerate when others express a view quite different from the one they hold. While the opposition has every right to question the government on policy matters or of matters of serious concerns a government that has a majority can choose the other way if they find the questions too uncomfortable. You and I may tolerate many things but that cannot ensure that the government will tolerate things, especially when the situation goes out of control.

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    I am also of the firm view that the question hour has to be continued and then only what the government has been doing, what the parties wanted the goverment to do, what are the process and what were the misses would be known to the elected public. And through question hour, the elected representatives would show their profess to address the woes of their constituency and that would be closely watched by the concerned voters. This way the question hour would become more important because the issues are raised, redressed and even the welfare measures are announced by the government.
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    Opposition has behaved in strange and negative fashions in the past few years and public is losing sympathy with them. They are being ridiculed everywhere. Now Govt has done away with the question hour which was not very fruitful as opposition were talking without homework. Now Govt has taken advantage of the weakness of the opposition that as they do not know how to ask questions it is better to close that session itself. If it is unconstitutional to do so opposition can go to court and bring the stay order. There is nothing wrong in doing so. On stay order Govt would have to start question hour. For small and petty matters opposition is going to court, why not for this also.
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