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    Many parents are not enjoying the play of their children in small ages

    Children are children and their play in tiny ages is enjoyable even though it is very naughty. Many parents do not handle such children with joy in present days. In my small age my younger brothers and sisters did so naughty activities. Our parents, grand parents enjoyed very much and on seeing their joy children also felt happy.
    Recently I went a friend's house in the evening and waiting for my friend's arrival. Their son, returned from school run to his mother by calling with love. But the mother without any reaction in her face asked the boy to go to bathroom and wash the hands and legs. With shrunken face, the boy went inside as he wanted to tell something. After some minutes the father came. Again the boy run to his father for telling the happening in the school. He, the father, asked the boy to wait as he felt tired and his spectacle would get damaged on the son's hurry. Again the boy's face got shrunken. And he gone to a corner of the house and sat calmly. By seeing this my heart pained much. Why such parents are behaving like this?
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    These days parents are busy in their works and they don't have time to spend time with their children. If they have some time they will sit on their smartphone. Both the parents will go for jobs and the children will be having nobody with them to express their happiness or problems. Generally, kids feel happy when we hear them and appreciate them for whatever they did. My granddaughter writs A and B on a paper show it to me and she expects appreciations from me. When I see that book and say to her that she did the best work, the joy on her face will give me immense happiness. So kids the house are always a joy for the elders. But these days people are more materialistic and they want all the facilities available in the world in their house also. So they run after them and forget these small pleasures which give happiness to their kids. The parents should understand this and try to spend some time with their kids.
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    Gone are the days when parents enjoyed life with their tender children. Once upon a time, the word love, affection and care had its value. In this present world, love is lost, and we all are in search of wealth. So, we all spend time to search for wealth not knowing that the wealth is for whom.

    The incident you have quoted is not with a few families, but with many families. Children are like orphans in their own homes. Parents are selfish and show their love for the sake of love, not the real love, affection and care.

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    In today's time, it is very common for both mother and father to do jobs. In such a situation, the responsibility of raising their child is heavy for them. Being able to raise children appropriately on the job, it becomes a little difficult to pay full attention to their upbringing because outside work and office responsibilities take a lot of time. Balancing the two tasks is a difficult task but it can be made easier by keeping a few small things in mind. Children need more mental support than they need for financial support so that they can speak their mind with their parents. If everyone in the family gives each other the necessary time then the family is happy
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    I like the words 'Children are like orphans in their own homes' of #709892. Their longing can be seen in their eyes when they see the other children sitting with their parents.

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    Children has to be dealt with carefully while nurturing and we have no right to hurt their or block their growing experiences. As a parent every one need to give time to the child what he wants to express and what he wants to say. If parents are not caring then who will? A child is developing and growing daily and wants to consult the parents for his every doubts and clarifications. But some parents feel that the children are irritating them for even small matter and their regular botheration is nothing but disturbing them for nothing. However a child mind is fast growing and they want to share their experiences with the parents and if they deny, the child goes sulking and even feel very bad and deviated from the enjoyment. Give much important to child growth, child's expectations, child wants and above all play with child to understand more. Gifted are those grand parents who make use of every allotted time with the child.
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    Children are the gift of God. Their tiny age is very precious to us. While nurturing, they need special care mentally and physically both. But, it is very sorrowful that we are living in a materialistic world where the money is everything. Now, there has no meaning of love, affection, respect and care in society. Since people are running after money so, children are feeling loneliness in many families. Nowadays, many children are being cared by the caretaker. Some caretaker are so rude that they don't care to child properly and sometimes, they beat to a small child a lot. You might have heard such kind of incident in news. Some parents think child caring is very difficult task so they keep servant maid for caring their child even though they have time.

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    I think nowadays parents are too conscious of making their children disciplined and well mannered and are always afraid that if they do some laxity there then the children would take advantage and then would not follow the rules in a house. Otherwise who would not like to enjoy with them.
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