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    Sometimes we need to like what others like

    Most of us have some specific likes and dislikes and we always prefer to do things which we like. Be it watching a movie, studying a subject, our hobbies, activities in daily life etc are always tailored by us as per our own likes. Doing the things which we like no doubt gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction.

    But we do not live our life solitary and we are always bonded with our family members, friends and relatives around us and we do have attachment with them. So can we always go about doing the things as per our own likes? No, I would say we sometimes may not have that luxury as we are living with our family, friends and relatives in this world and we do care about them. Hence, we may need to do the things at times as per other's likes and not only our own likes.

    In a family sometimes parents may need to watch cartoon show on TV along with their child just to make little one happy. We always tell our children that movies, music and songs of our old time were best but for the pleasure of our children we may need to listen their generation songs, dance along with them and also watch movies as per their taste just to make them happy. Forget about family sometimes among friends there may be different likes and dislikes, but a good friend will not hesitate to do things against their likes if he is a true friend and cares about his friend's happiness.

    Off course doing the things as per others like is not easy as we need to work against our tastes and preferences, but it is a sacrifice which every human should make to keep their near and dear ones happy. Always doing things as per our own likes and not caring about other preferences is a selfish act but compromising and getting along with other to engage in activities they like is a selfless service to the relationship.
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    Every person has their own different thinking and that thinking determines our likes or dislikes. It is not always possible that what we like is liked by someone else, but it is true that when sometimes we make others' choices our own, then maybe some things become easier in life. When someone is happy in their life because of us, then the satisfaction we get from it can not be described, and whenever others forget their happiness for our choice then this moment is also very pleasing. Always thinking about yourself in life is sometimes not as beneficial as thinking about others.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Yes. It is automatically infectious to us. I saw in a house the house lady was seeing Malayalam channel in her house and I astonished because she do not know Malayalam language even a bit. When I asked her, she replied that she liked to see the channel as she was watching the channel with her sister when she gone to Kerala.
    Similarly, when I worked in an small engineering company during 1978, a stenographer who working with me used to utter 'Muruga' often while talking. I astonished as being a Christian Malayali, how utter the Hindu God's name. On the other day I happened to note our company owner was having habit of uttering 'Muruga' amidst his talking. This habituated to him also.

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    Mostly elders sacrifice their enjoyment and happiness for the sake of us and they want the younger ones to enjoy the full and they forgo their happiness for them. The elders wont eat properly and keep the specially made food for the children and they even forgo their share for the child. And if the child like particular item. and they wont like. still they prepare the same and keep on feeding the children. This is the classic example for what the author has been saying. Sometimes we have to abide by the likes of the others even though we may not like the same for the sake of it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. My wife daily asks my two sons about their preference for their night dinner and accordingly, she will prepare the dishes. I have to eat whatever they recommend and she makes. If I want a separate dish it will become additional work to my wife and she has to take some more pains. So I adjust with the food whatever they decide to do. This is a part of life. We can't avoid it.
    My granddaughter wants to see videos of Rhymes and alphabets on youtube. She will sit with me and I have to open the channel on my laptop and start playing those videos and I have to watch them also. Otherwise, my granddaughter will not sit properly near the Laptop.
    Sometime we may get happiness in doing that. Our children are happy and our grandchildren are happy. Automatically happiness will be there for us. One should not mind once in while for such adjustments.

    always confident

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