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    Day has 24 hours, isn’t that enough?

    In the hectic lifestyle nowadays so many times a question or wish comes to our mind. "I wish day had 48 hours or 72 hours etc". "24 hours are proving too short for me…". We have so many things to do daily and when we are not able to accomplish it these thoughts come to our mind and shows our frustration to some extent. We all know hours in a day will not change and even if it changes to 48 or 72 hours what is the guarantee that again same thought will not come to our mind? There are high chances that we will still not be satisfied with the time available to us.

    We know the human mindset. If we speak Physics or Mathematics language "Time required to do a job is directly proportional to the time available" is what governs our mindset. If we get more time, we tend to stretch the things more and extend it to the end moment. Also, our pace and dedication towards work goes down a little. So, it is a fact that we always plan our work as per time available so sometimes having more time makes us go into the relaxation mode and we end up in the same situation when we had less time. Hence we need optimal time, neither less nor more.
    Given that the time is constant we should do whatever we are doing with full focus and dedication and also plan it out well. Planning should be optimal one and it should be neither over planning or under planning. At times we waste lot of time thinking about the work before it starts and end up wasting time there. Sometimes work seems difficult when thinking about it but when we give a start to it things start moving smoothly and we get into the rhythm. So ideally too much thinking and worrying about before starting the work may jeopardize our progress.

    So instead of feeling that "Alas! Day has just 24 hours" if we start feeling "Thank God! Day has 24 hours" then I think we may be able to complete our daily targets more efficiently.
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    Let us first think that we have time from birth to death to live on this earth. There is no dearth of time. Taking an average of 80 years as our longevity, we can do a lot of things in our life. So, I feel that we have extra time. Most of the time, I would say 75 percent of the time available to us is being wasted in resting/sleeping/dreaming.

    If we can plan our activities properly, we would feel that 24 hours is good enough for us to lead a happy and peaceful life.

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    What I feel that 24 hours has been designated by the nature with very good planing. We have to allot 8 hours for deep dedication work at office, 8 hours for sound sleep with no disturbance and fully sleep mode. And other 8 hours is to care transport, take care of family and friends and also the needy. But invariably people utilize the work hour and sleeping time to extended hours and thus fall short of their presence in important works. This is the reason being so those people are not liked in the family and society because from them nothing is derived. Every educated person must respect the value of the time through which the entire time span of the day is decided. If the time is wasted on gossips and other non issues, we are also not giving chance to improve upon their position of life and we are disrespecting ourselves too.
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    Why think about the factors which are not in our hands. You know what are the works you have do and you know what is the time available. Based on these facts you can make a list of things what to do and when to do and we should allocate the time required for that work. Once we do this planning we need not think that time is not sufficient. 24 hours is a good time and in that time frame, we may be able to do many works. But for us, it has become a fashion to say that I am running out of time. But actually when we analyse the way we have to spent our time we can find that major portion of the time us getting wasted. This trend will continue even there are 72 hours for a day. For many people waiting till the last moment and then start running is a habit. I have seen some people who work for 14 to 15 hours a day and such people will never complain that time is not sufficient for them.
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    Some people enhance their activity level so much and try to engage in many things simultaneously and then start complaining about lack of time. When we go beyond our capacities such things have to happen. Otherwise 24 hours is more than sufficient.
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    It's enough. Those who complain will complain even if a day has 100 hours. I think it's their habit to notify others about how busy they are. One has to complete the task within the specified time and if the method of work is not known, then some time is required to go through the methods. A very important task is time management. Many people cannot manage time efficiently and that's why cannot complete tasks within a specific time. They wish to do many things at a time but since they are unable to manage the time they find it difficult to complete tasks. Whatever we are doing, we have to set a specific time for that task and need to finish the task within the timeframe. By continuously practising this method efficient time management may be mastered.

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