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    What is the meaning of liberty according to you?

    In philosophy, liberty is often used synonymously and every democratic society has evolved over the concept of individual freedom time and again. There are many theories with some classifications like one that came in the time of the 17th century that characterizes liberty with freedom of speech and freedom of worship with no intervention of state and the state should interfere only when it sees the impediments in the path of achievement of freedom. This theory seemed to be really good in the paper but the industrial revolution eventually showed some other face of the philosophy with economic disparity among the people. Then some philosophers demanded to have the intervention of the state through taxation and other such measures to check the freedom of the privileged few. There are many bold philosophers who just measure liberty as one's own action rather than taking account of social equations but some philosophers think otherwise like Amartya Sen for example who advocates the capacity building of individuals through welfare through education, services, and other such things so that they can think for their own good.
    The concept is pretty wide but we do have our own sense of liberty we wish to have. I request the members to mention their point of view.
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    What I feel that liberty is always associated and coincide with rights and those who have sweeping rights, they have good liberty to take huge decisions and right decisions. If you give rights to a person he will apply his own mind and have the sweeping ability to set right all the setbacks and bring the situation to the near normal and thus it may be considered as liberty. When the restrictions could be surpassed with ease and that will create new avenues and through news thought process and the situation would also create positive vibes through which qualitative decisions can be taken and all these amounts to liberty only. Liberty in life cannot be induced or copied. Each one of us are having the own approach towards the goal and aim and therefore there cannot be particular or general yardstick to measure the liberty traits.
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    Liberty is a gift of nature. Every person should do whatever he wants and no other person should interfere in his work, that is, "Freedom is a birth right." Every person should have equal opportunity to develop themselves under society. This means that there should not be any sense of high and low in society, there should not be any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or wealth. The development of any person is not possible as long as their needs and needs are properly Is not complete. Moral liberty refers to a person's high mental state in which he has the ability to live his social life without undue greed. A prudent person is said to be independent from moral point of view. Many philosophers emphasized moral freedom for personal development. But Liberty is justified as long as it is being properly utilized. If people start taking wrong advantage of their Liberty, then it will be appropriate to curb them to some extent.
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    My grandfather used to tell us that our freedom is up to the nose of others. I was not aware of the meaning and on asking him, my grand father told me that the freedom on others is till we are not intruding his/ her personal matters. Later after many years, I realized this personally . Once I asked my own brother to go for walking as found his diabetic level high. He sullen on me and told me that he knew everything and since then he start to see me as his enemy.
    Another incident.
    I never go to inside the house of anybody even my close relatives unnecessarily. I took my own co brother to a hospital for treatment. He was given some oil massage over his body and waiting for having bath after getting soaked. At that time his mobile gave sound as a call was coming. I saw that was his wife, my sister in law. Being she is my wife's sister, I took the phone and after formal enquiry I handed over the mobile to my co brother but without receiving the phone he sullen on me why I took the phone switch on and what was the hurry. I felt so bad. Since then I stopped to switch on the mobiles of others but when ringing I took the phone to them silently.

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    Freedom should also have some limits. Your freedom should not make others suffer. You should enter into the periphery of the other people as you have freedom. My grandfather used to say that freedom is but you are not allowed to burn your hut as the side huts will also get burnt. So our works should be such that they will not hinder the path of the other people. We see many times some people put shamiana on the road and close that road as they have a function in their house. If any vehicle comes they will ask them to choose a different route. This is misusing the liberty given to them only.
    Sometimes we will try to help others but those people take it differently and think as if we are taking away their liberty. In such a case it is better to keep away and see the fun only is the best way.

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