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    Beggars have become digital. Improvisation in times of pandemic.

    It may sound a bit weird or funny but it's true that now even those begging on streets have adopted technology and have become digital. Begging seems like any another form of business that changed with time to survive.

    Yesterday, I went to a nearby temple and there were beggars asking for food and money. I displayed my inability and unwillingness to pay cash, so immediately the beggar asked me to send money using Paytm. I was in complete shock and awe that they have now adopted this way of begging and are confident to ask for Rs.50 and above.

    I am astonished with regard to the change in this behaviour. It shows that it is just a business and those who are really needy go to work and earn their living rather than devising new means of begging.
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    After reading this hilarious post I split into laughter. By the way the beggars have the cell phones and union which controls their rights and eligibility and thus they are getting updated with growing technology and now we cannot escape without parting some money by saying there is no change., There is one beggar standing in front of Secunderabad station and being one legged beggar he was obliged by every passenger and some would part with huge money and he now owns few houses in down town areas. On the one side we want to help the needy, but in this case he the well to do than you and me and this has become big business and the police would not prevent them to beg. But going digital and seeking alms through online payment portals is something a new trend and I am worried about our future as our TS beggars have not updated with this idea.
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    I have seen some beggars using mobile phones. They also have bank accounts. But I never saw that beggars asking for money transfer using the digital platform. I am very astonished to see that beggars are gone to that extent. As mentioned by the author begging is also a business. They will distribute the areas among themselves and one area beggar can't come to the area of another beggar's area.
    There is a big group behind these beggars in cities. Some poor families give their children every day and daily payment method. The people who hire them will make them beg and get money in important places and in the evening they will come and collect money from these children and give them back to their parents. Thus the parents are making money and also the hiring people also make money but the children's lives will be very pathetic.

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    The beggars are now intelligent and adopt every method to generate money. They are not so innocent as they were in the past time. In the past, their gesture and their shabby look were the source of their income. These beggars were not aware of the different nasty tricks now being employed by the beggars. Hiring the children from poor families and to use them for earning money is not uncommon and such trends can be seen in many major cities. This is nothing but a kind of exploitation of the children and even their parents are allowing this trend to be continued. This is really a pitiable condition where the poor parents in the hope of getting a paltry sum from such beggars are spoiling the lives of their own children. These parents are really slaves before these heartless beggars. This cycle cannot be changed unless we could change the mental frame of such mentally retarded parents.

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    It's really surprising that it has become a reality now. I have seen the same type of video, a few years ago, where a beggar was asking the person waiting in the bus stop to make payment through a digital platform when the person expressed his inability as he was not carrying changes. Yes, I agree that begging has become a business nowadays and there were posts earlier where a few members have shared their experience of the coaxing ways the beggars make to compel the passerby to pay them some cash. If this continues I will not be surprised if police personnel take their shares even from beggars every weekend, as the police personnel are habituated to do such things in many places, that I do not wish to describe here.

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    Begging is a business from time immortal and it is not a new thing but using the latest technology for it is definitely which raises our eyebrows to it. If we go behind this new trend there is one interesting thing that I want to share. In our country on daily basis there are a number of phones lost, misplaced, theft away and like that. These all reach these poor people as they are available very cheap. So, having a phone is not a big thing now. These phones are tempered by some people before selling so that no one can trace them also. Selling old phones has become a big business in the unorganised sector and the whole business goes verbal avoiding the billing and GST route. I was surprised to see many hawkers outside a Railway station selling almost new phones in cheap rates. These are all stolen phones. Sometimes some old phones are even available to their own brethren free of charge.
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    I have seen them around our housing complexes and road crossings especially where the red signal stays for a longer time but so far not observed such thing. It is strange to ask the begging to one's Paytm or any other such app but yes, technology does everything possible.
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