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    Let's share some details in a nutshell, relevant and applicable practically.

    Taking a cue from thread by Mohan Sir, where he asked the members to share their expertise with each other. It is a good idea but, a little difficult to achieve, so I suggest we share our expertise here on this forum only rather than sharing individually.

    For example:
    Income Tax law recognises senior citizen in 2 categories.
    1. Senior citizen - Those who are of age 60 or above but below 80 years.
    2. Super senior citizen - Those who are of age 80 or above.

    To get benefits of Income Tax laws both categories should be resident.

    Now this is an example of what can be shared and this will be of use to many of us and students too, as they will come across these terms and laws in near future. They will be much more aware if they discuss more about them on the forum itself. Like what is 'resident' as per Income Tax Law and also what are the benefits under Tax laws.

    Similarly, each one of us having our expertise can start a topic daily and share the knowledge while keeping it interactive and fun.

    I have already rolled the dice, now it's your turn.
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    Thanks to the author for sharing the information on the eligibility and some details relevant to senior citizens which was divided into two parts. This is the new information for me and many. What I feel that every department to which the public are concerned must release the salient features of their new rules and eligibility so that concerned citizens get benefited. For example those who want to obtain new ration card has to visit various departments to have the national security food supply card. There is no online facility to have such card and one has to visit the civil supplies regional centers with Aaadhar, address proof and photos so that after the scrutiny the card would be issued and based on that the center and state would affect the supplies and also the direct money transfer if any to the card holder.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sharing knowledge is always good. What information we know if we share on this platform many others will also know about that. We see such posts here. It is good that the author has given some information about the differentiation in senor citizens. Some of us may know this and some may not know.
    Actually articles on the topics which we know can be posted in the article section with more details so that people will get more information and will have a better understanding of the subject. What are the privileges a senior citizen gets and what are the exemptions he will get can also be mentioned if we write an article on benefits to senior citizens in tax calculation. That will be more beneficial.
    If all the people start rising threads which are containing useful information, that will be more useful. The author started a step towards that direction and I hope we may see many more on this platform,

    always confident

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