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    When we are ignorant of many things then why boast as educated?

    When two intelligent persons meet each other, there would guarded response from each other as each one of them respect the others wisdom. I have seen when two saints meet each other, they prostrate and take blessings no matter both are aged and bigger in position. That is the humbleness we expect from those who are fully educated and have the universal knowledge. Surely we the ordinary people are not well versed with all information and yet boast of well educated. We have to learn the life daily no matter we are superior in education than others.
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    No person is neither perfect nor imperfect, we are all just living life and gaining some new knowledge every moment. We should learn a lesson from every person, not considering anyone as inferior to himself. We continued to learn something good in life and moved towards perfection perfection. Let us learn something new in life every day. If we develop the habit of learning, then we will be able to enjoy it till the last moment of life. We need to become an ideal person and should keep learning something throughout our life because there is no end to learning. Our life is the best life in discipline, it helps us to develop positive attitude. If we want to get something in our life, then we have to adopt some ideal qualities, develop a good behavior.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    It is our weakness that does allow us to declare that in many things we are totally ignorant and because of our inferiority complex, we don't accept the same either. Instead of suppressing the fact that there is still the room for learning a lot in most of areas, we boast in such areas to show the other party that we are not ignorant of the topic being discussed.
    Improvement can occur only when we have the seriousness to learn a new thing seriously and this requires honest approach. This is one point and the other one is the acceptance of our ignorance in many fields where we have to make serious efforts to learn the same without any complex.

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    Some people even after having some little knowledge start behaving in a very apparently superior ways as if they know everything about the world. They do not know that they have only taken a few drops of learnings from the ocean of knowledge. Probably they took it out when it was dark and thats why their mind works in such a fallacious way. It is said that more the fruits on a tree more humble and down to Earth it becomes. So if a person is really educated he would behave in humble and soft ways giving respect to others. He would not tell or show off his knowledge unnecessarily.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge is very vast. Our life is not sufficient to learn even 0.1% of the knowledge that is available in this world. There are many subjects to learn and each subject is again an occasion of knowledge and if we can droplet from that also we will be having good knowledge, No nobody should think that they know everything. Everybody will have his limitations.
    We all know that only the empty leave will fly. If it is having some weight on it, it will not fly. Similarly, an empty vessel only can make big sounds. A person who is having some good knowledge will never try to show others that he is having a lot of knowledge and he will be a down to earth person only.
    So one should always know that what he knows is very little and he should be humble to other people and should never try to say that he knows everything.

    always confident

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