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    To get a minute of fame people resort to mudslinging.

    In today's time of social media and communication revolution it has become so easy to gain a short lived fame by mudslinging or giving a derogatory statement or uploading a controversial video on YouTube.

    If we observe a little, we see, almost everyday some person whom we do not know has uploaded a video demonising or abusing any random Hindu Gods or any one coming up with a tweet abusing a renowned person or more even so in case of Sushant Singh someone comes up with a sensational evidence that can change the course of investigation.

    Such people do not realise that by doing so they do gain an instant fame but, it may not last and can even land them in trouble, still that does not deter them.

    What kind of marketing is this, that sometimes common people, politicians and sometimes celebs use for short term name and fame.
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    Trolling has become the bad habit on the social media. I am very active on social media Twitter and what I am closely observing that if a group wants to bring name and fame even for no matter or issue, they can do so with catchy hashtag and that would be trending all through the day. Like wise when a ruling party trend with glory of the PM or any Minister, immediately the opposition party would come up with trending caption of failure of Modi govt. This way the topics are hoisted and those who are online would either troll or support the mentions and keep on retweeting it for no reason.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Trolling is very common these days. For this social media has become a platform. Even without knowing any matter also people make comments on social media. If I want to say the CM of Telangana is good. I will post something and all his people will like that or comment on that or share that. People who don't like him start criticising him and people who don't like him will start liking or commenting or sharing. But nobody will check what is the truth and what exactly happened. So one should not depend on the news from social media. These platforms are not monitored by anybody and people can post whatever they want. This is where all the problems are coming. There should be a mechanism to stop rumours from getting spread. The people should think twice before posting or believing such posts. This social media has become a very good platform to political parties to talk bad about their opponents and they never think that what they are doing is not good.
    always confident

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    In the Internet world, trolls are those who jump into the ongoing discussion on any issue and divert the subject from offensive things. Apart from this, these people spearhead others on the internet, other than abuses and unnecessarily drag them in such a case, which causes them mental problems. In today's time, to become famous on the Internet, the most important thing is to promote ourselves on the Internet. It is the social media with the help of which one can become a star overnight. With the help of social networking site, millions of people have become famous. He is not only discontented about what has been thought for him in the middle of the world, he just has to be famous. To become Internet stardom, they are active on social media.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Social media has become the playground of mischievous and notorious people who would upload some misleading video or audio or picture to divert the minds of the people from the main issue and derive sadistic pleasure from it. Sometimes they would dig out some old video which would add more confusion in the minds of gullible people. So, what we should do is any such doubtful activity by anyone known or unknown should be nipped in the bud and we should never forward it. Unauthentic, communal, hate spreading, and untrue things should be restricted at our level itself and blind forwarding should be avoided. The administrator of the group should remove such persons from the group even if he is a close friend or relative. These people are making others fool by their wrong doings and we are simply tolerating them.
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