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    All that Glitters is not Gold.

    We have heard this saying "All that glitters is not gold" If we look at it in real life, then this saying seems 100 percent true. This saying has been forgotten by all people in today's world. They do not know or do not want to know how good a person is from inside or how bad from inside, but they only insist that human beings should look beautiful from outside but at the same time we know the value of inner beauty.

    If we talk about the Gandhiji, then it appears that Gandhi was a normal-looking man who wore only a white dhoti in a cloth. The basic mantra of Gandhiji's life was simple living. Significantly, he also campaigned for wearing Khadi for a lifetime. But Mahatma Gandhi, who made the greatest contribution to the freedom struggle, was pure gold. This indicates that gold does not need to shine by outfits or looks.

    We are living in an era where people are judged on the basis of their height and appearance, but it is absolutely wrong to do so and it increases the chances of cheating many times.
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    The author made very good comparison of Mahatma Gandhi simple looking but his attribute to the freedom struggle made him the golden person sought after. Gold may not glitter as sought by us, but those metals which are not gold and yet polished to give the golden effect. When we visit the olden temples the gopuram, temple tower are covered with golden plate. It is brass only but golden cover is given to glitter at night. And by focusing the flood lights on the temple tower and gopuram it looks like golden color in the night. So what the author said that all that glitters is not gold in the night.
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    All that glitters is not gold. The costliest metal that is available on the universe id platinum. But it will not glitter like gold but costlier than gold. These days we see many articles which will be glittering like gold but they are only gold coated items. But you can't see the difference with your eye. We all feel them as Gold.
    Physical appearance is not always true. The person may be appearing very soft but his actual nature may not be like that. Their physical appearance may be deceiving. So we should not go by physical appearance. We should know more about the character and conduct of the person. That will be always safe.
    Some people talk very rough. But when we are in a problem the way they act and help us will be applicable. So going by physical appearance is not always correct and you may get mislead. But as mentioned by the author these days people will give you more respect if you have a good appearance.

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    All that glitters is not gold most of the times. Outwardly appearances can be deceptive and misleading. Deception is one thing that is much prevalent in this world and many of us get trapped in it. Those who practice deception locate and kill their prey with ease and the victim does not know about it. We have to be much careful and alert from the deceptive people as they are not what they appear to us. They might look gentle and caring but the bad intentions underneath would be totally hidden behind their apparent behaviour. Identifying a deceptive person is not so easy but one has to taken precaution in dealing with them.
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