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    Are lawyers evil creatures who feed on the plight of poor people?

    It seems of late that lawyers in our country have become very corrupt. They feed on people's plight and earn money from their sorrows. Is it right for such creatures to be termed as "humans"?

    Note: I'm not speaking about the few honest bunch like Justice Loya etc. They were angels in the company of demons.
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    There are good people and bad people in all professions I feel. We can't say all lawyers are like that. At the same time, we can't say no lawyer is like that.
    I know a lawyer in the city who takes very little money to argue in a case. If the client is a poor person he never demands any money from him. But such lawyers may be less in percentage.
    Even some doctors try to exploit the patients and make money. Similarly, there are some doctors we give even medicines also free to some poor patients.
    But it is not good to make money by troubling the people who suffer a lot for the money. If we are well to do and if we have time we can work for them free of cost also. We can demand good money from rich clients. Be kind to poor and try to help them. This is always good for us.

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    Lawyers are by profession ought to help the people by giving the right legal advise and fight for the rights of those who have been wronged or framed by the police without evidence and grudge. Lawyers know the loopholes of the Indian judicial system and therefore they have the knack to tackle even the deadliest case and they demand the money for that . At present famous actress who was involved in the murder of another actor has hired a costly lawyer, because she wants to conceal her role and the lawyer has been helping the best to keep the things going. Though she was jailed for other purpose, the lawyer has been doing his best to get her bail. So what I mean to say that when the lawyers prove that they can up sell the judiciary and bring more freedom to the accused fast, such lawyers are on demand and they demand high price.
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    How the lawyers can be corrupt? They will be arguing in the court on behalf of a plaintiff or defending the defendant against whom a complaint was lodged. In both these circumstances, I do not see how they can become corrupt. They will be doing their duty towards their clients.
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    The income of lawyers is due to problems or troubles of others, I am not saying that all lawyers want to hurt others, but it is true that when a person is in a problem and he has to go to court for redress, then he finds lawyers' houses. Court is a temple of justice where one comes to settle their dispute. Lawyers and judicial officers play an important role in bringing justice to such people. It is also expected that when a person comes to the court to get justice, we should create conditions for him where he can settle his dispute without any hassle and trouble. The trust with which a person approaches a lawyer needs to be maintained by the lawyers. A person goes to court in protest against corruption, and if corruption also remains in the court, then one cannot get justice.
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    The law profession is one of the profession which is seen with doubt and definitely there are much scope there for doing evil acts. It is not that all the lawyers take advantage of this situation. Some are definitely greedy and try to take advantage of loopholes for the benefit of their clients knowing very well that he had done the crime. However perfect you enact a law there will be intelligent lawyers to find out some lacunae here and there and take mileage out of it and that is the reason why some of them charge so hefty fees but the rich clients happily pay them. Most of the lawyers are not bothered whether a client is rich or poor. If the poor clients have to even sell their paternal house to pay lawyer's fees, they are happy with that. That is why experienced people in our society suggest that it is the last resort to go to court.
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    The title of the thread is absolutely misconceived, demeaning and disrespectful to say the least and has in all probability arisen out of the ignorance of the author about this legal profession. Who is a lawyer? He is a person who is legally qualified and practices law as an aid to the Court and to advance the interest of his client and to solve individualised problems. That being his profession, he is legally and morally bound to appear before the court for his client and advance such arguments and provide such interpretations that would help his client, irrespective of whether one is a criminal or as to what crime he has committed or otherwise. I am not saying that a lawyer is bound to take over a case which he may find to be against his ethics but once he takes over a case, he has to work in the interests of his client.

    That having been said, I do admit that there are lawyers who charge more from his clients or back out of a case in between or do not put in sufficient efforts to further the interest s of his client but then such exceptions are there in all type of professions. You may call it unethical but that does not fall within the ambit of corruption. Yes, if a lawyer takes money from both parties and tries to play a different game altogether, one may term it as corruption. But such cases are very, very rare in the field of advocacy.

    Ryyu, you are once again advised to be a bit more detailed with your threads so that the reader understands your mind clearly before responding.

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    Dear Saji sir, the thread in no way demeans the legal profession on the contarary it is meant to discuss the state of corruption prevalent in judicial system for example the bribes taken by lawyers to win cases for rich people, in this case where will the poor common individual go. I agree that the lawyer is represting the client and will speak on behalf of the client. However as stated above there is a bias, and we're here to discuss ways to stop that so that pur country can provide equitible justice to both rich and poor.

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