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    Doing household jobs time to time has its own merits

    Many people do not take interest in household work. Children also follow the suit. Household chore and household miscellaneous jobs are considered the responsibility of the house ladies and maid servants. This is alright but the point I want to bring for discussion is that how many people are aware that doing household jobs sometimes helps in learning many things which otherwise one would never know. For example cleaning and arranging things gives a very good idea of what we have in our house and where it is kept and what are the items which are of no use and can be disposed helping to reduce the clutter in the house. Another thing is it also enlightens us that if due to emergency we have to live on our own then how we would be going to manage. So there are many good reasons as why we should not take time to time interest in household jobs. What are the members feelings on this?
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    Definitely. Time to time finishing the jobs in the house will be always better. Otherwise, the backlogs will be there and we will get stressed. The same is the case with office works also. If an item is taken out for some work, we should keep it in the same place. Instead of that if we keep it somewhere and forget about it afterwards when we want it we may not be able to trace it. We have to waste a lot of time in locating that. Many time it happens. So my wife insists all of us to keep the items in the designated places.
    Timely cleaning and disposing the waste on time will keep the house clean and looks good. If we don't do that the waste will get piled up and afterwards cleaning will become a big problem. All the members of the house should follow the practice of keeping their items in its place will help the lady in keeping the house neat and clean. But some people will never follow these practices and their house will be full of unwanted materials and we don't how to keep them in order.

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    Definitely. Some people I am seeing just sitting in one place and getting others to work even for him. They keep in their mind that they are to manage others and not for working. Some other people think doing household works are degrade to them as it is only for house ladies. It is totally absurd. We can see in some houses, if the wife or mother is not in the house within that gap of period the house found very ugly by dropping this and that as spread in the house. My elder and younger brothers keep the house very neat and clean at all times. We have to learn from them. One day a neighbor of my flat got insulted as his wife asked him to drop the garbage cover into the corporation person who came on the street to collect. She asked him that too it was Sunday and he was in the house as well she was on some handwork. After a very fighting, he took the garbage bag and come down. He saw there an old person came there to drop garbage and asked him who was he. He with friendly smile told that he came to the adjacent house of him as a guest. And further told him that, 'It is good to our health also if we share some household work in the house whenever we free'. This person got ashamed that a guest is doing but we felt insult being a house person.

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    Maintaining the cleanliness of the house and keeping it neat is the urge and right of every household and we must thank those ladies who relentlessly clean the homes for the sake of others and neighbors who keep on coming and watch the belongings has to how they are arranged and kept. For example in our house we have fixed place for everything to be kept and even the power goes off, we can find the things at the place and that is easily traceable. It takes proper planning to arrange things and it should be visible to us. For example the kitchen routine provision requirements are stored in glass containers and as soon as they are about to be over, the stock has to be replenished and thus there should not be any dearth for any want of item and for that reason the kitchen work on daily basis should not stop anyway.
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    Cleanliness of the house is not just to show to the guests or neighbors, but you also keep the house clean to keep it clean. All members of the family have their own duties but when it comes to the point of household works mostly women are more active in it, all members should contribute to maintain their house. It is also said that where there is cleanliness, there is peace of peace. Many people get surprised to know that while sweeping the house regularly with a broom, the muscles of the body get exercised. Also, this work is also helpful in reducing the extra calories present in your body. When we start doing our own work, we get a different peace and many people are realizing this during Lock down. Changes in the house from time to time are just like changes in life.
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    No job is small or big. It is our mindset that we perceive it like that. Household tasks are very important for the overall upkeep and progress of the family. We should not ignore it. In some houses parents are very particular about it and inculcate the working habits in the children and those children generally reap its benefit later in their lives when they are posted in some remote place in connection with their job and engagements. Everyone in the family should contribute and should not leave everything on the house lady. It is wrong to do so. There are so many advantage of learning the household things and one knows the advantages only after learning them. Even if someone is having servants it makes sense to involve in the household work so that in future if some difficult times come we do not succumb to its pressure.
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    Parental role is important and this applies to cleaning as well. If mother takes interest to inculcate cleaning habit of home taking up cleaning the entire chores and arranging them in order to look the rooms tidy. Due to lack of such training the kids remain relaxed thinking that other members would take care of pending chores. Though maid is engaged for cleaning the floors , cleaning the utensils etc. But all the days are not same, these maids may not turn up due to some reason or the other and not doing such chores will multiply the tension to those not habituated to take up such work. They would look around for help. How pitiable situation could it be due to ignorance of primary cleaning jobs of home. Hence even if maid is deputed, we must encourage our kids to take interest in the house hold jobs.

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    My main contention behind this post was not to help the housewife but to learn for oneself the knitty-gritty of household work.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The basic education starts from the house, a child acquires knowledge from things around him or her in a house. Mother is a person who introduces the good and bad, sweet and sour adding to the wisdom. The earning members of the family are able to stay fit and work for long term mainly because of housewives who take pains in their contribution going unnoticed as it does not gain financial support directly to the main income. Household chores are difficult tasks when compared to the official cumbersome workloads.
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