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    Why do Godmen become a predator for life?

    Every religion has to be interpreted in some ways to make it more meaningful and for it, we follow the clergies with immense devotion and trust. Someone equal to God in human form. But when we hear the news about sexual abuse cases a sudden shock sweeps through us. We feel liberated when we meet them but we are vulnerable too.
    Of course, not all clergies are that predators but the reasons for many being the same are what related to Psychology. One psychoanalyst studied on the subjects and established that the godmen embrace abstinence from various forms especially the sexual urge from the very beginning. The hindrance to the venting out of the urges become prominent when they get influential in society. In that way, they prey upon the vulnerable especially the minor girls. It is just a human urge burgeoning to the criminality. The abuse gives them such a pleasure that they can't even stop knowing the act of wrong. Many subjects even confessed they tried to abuse even when they were apprehended for the crime they did before.
    There is a movie Spotlight too, which deals with the same case and books like Mad and Divine who reveal the dark world out there. Beware and stay safe.
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    Godmen are not born. but they are created by the public themselves as some are not self confident nor hardworking but want to achieve the enjoyment of life through short cut methods and these so called Godmen would convice the gullible public to their grove and thus utilize them, exploit them to the hilt and even the physical abusing reported in many cases. What is more surprising is the fact that educated people are falling prey to such fake Godmen even they know that they are trusting the wrong person. In the name of wealth concealed by the Kings of those era, some people also approach such fake Babas and try to retrieve the wealth but nothing could be seen. All these is proven when the people get hugely cheated and then approach the police for help but by that time the so called Baba or Godman would have vanished.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It seems very strange when such news is seen where educated people also get misled by Godmen and for some time they forget all about science of knowledge. Many situations are such that people start feeling completely desperate and when they do not understand any path, then this Godmen comes to be their support, some of them show the right and some wrong ways. We should have unwavering faith in God that what he does will be good for us, then we will not need these hypocrites at all. We have to come out of hypocrisy first to become a developed country. Only then can we realize the imagination of a developed nation.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    It is not that the people are not intelligent and the activities of Godman are not known to them. They are aware of the fact that the Godmen are indulged in so many rackets and despite this they keep mum. Moreover, these Godmen have the patronage of the political parties. These parties enjoy the donations of these so called saints. Such a nexus cannot be broken easily unless we public take note of their mischievous activities.
    Though we have come to know their dark side multiple times but because of lack of strong reaction from our side, their activities remain unchecked.

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    When a God man does a wrong thing then we feel offended by that news. Our faith in them is shattered. When anyone strikes on our faith we are hurt. It is very painful and humiliating. The problem which arises because of this happening is that we also start seeing other God men with doubt and apprehensions. One bad God man is sufficient to spoil the image of the profession which was once thought to be the noblest one.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There are good and bad in all sections of society. It is not correct to say that all Godmen are bad. There are people who sacrificed their life and helped many people from evils. The best example of a very famous Godmen Jagadguru Kanchi Paramacharya, who is no more now. He is very famous as Walking God. I have seen him personally and there were no controversies about him. He used to go on a walk from place to place.
    Unfortunately, some innocent people are creating these fake Godmen. Behind them, there will be some political leaders and their interests are being taken care of by the political leaders. I think people who are believing such people are to be blamed.
    We should be careful and if we should not believe all the people who themselves call them as Godmen. What is their stand and what is their speciality to call them as God

    always confident

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