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    A donor cannot continue his reach out always

    When a person starts donating food and things to the needy, the expectations goes high among the poor and they see the donor as their God and life saver. Since the population of the poor in the country is growing and already those who are poor not getting the two square meals and donors being very few, the demand is very high. But a sincere donor cannot continue his good deed as sometime or the other he would exhaust all his resources and means and thus cannot continue donating. In that case the blame game should not be done.
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    Its true . Things change in a person's life and according to him, he should also change the way he lives his life. Donor is called donor because of his donation, but no one wants to see the situation behind it and when someone leaves a charity, everyone is ready to point a finger at him. The practice of the world is such that when someone does an act, people get used to it and if that person misses the responsibility, then everyone speaks bad about that person, on the other hand, even if a wrong person does bad or wrong things every day, people feel that is the nature. People should understand the circumstances of good people along with their nature and by doing so, they will stop blaming those people.
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    Expecting help from a person always and every time may not be correct. The position of the person may be changing and the changed situation may not support him to continue the good deeds what he was doing earlier. When a person is in a job may be earning more and he may be donating a part of his earnings for donation. But when he retired he may not get the same salary and the pension amount may be sufficient for his needs and he may not be able to donate like the previous days. Expecting from him at the same level is not correct. The persons who got help from him should remember the earlier helps rendered by the donor and should be thankful to him and should not blame him.
    I have seen many people who are expecting help from the same person repeatedly many times and if he says no they start blaming him forgetting the earlier helps he has done. Such people never deserve any help or donation.

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    Actually it would be better to help the poor through a common body of like minded people and it would be better not to have personal links with these poor people. Keeping a personal relation creates an emotional attachment and then expectations also rise high. I prefer to help these poor people through the local NGO route, some of which are doing excellent work in the area of various types of help to the poor.
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