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    Copycats are praised and originals being ignored.

    We have known this for a long time that credit for designing the Parliament House of India is in the name of two bristish architects Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. We praise the west for their architecture and designs but we ignore the real orginal work which lies in plain sight in India itself.

    We think that the Parliamnet House is an original architecture but in reality it is just a copy or replica of an Indian temple dedicated to Godess Durga named Chausath Yogini Temple. There is not one but four Chausath Yogini Temple, 2 in Odisha and 2 in Madhya Pradesh. Only one is in good condition i.e. the one in Muraena, Madhya Pradesh. This temple has 64 chambers and each chamber having different form of Goddess Durga.

    We have been prasing the copycats for so long due to lack of information and never preserved and valued our own heritage. This must change and we must protect and spread awareness about our own rich culture and immensely beautiful architectures.
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    Thanks to the author for bringing this matter to the information of members and all and surely we are not aware of it that our Parliament house architecture is the copy cat or replica of Chausath Yogini Temples situated at Odisha and MP states. We have been giving credit to the modern creators Edwin and Herbert out of ignorance. Surely India had the expertise of good architecture as the Madurai Meenakshi Temple tower is the best example of all time we cannot create such a vast canvas of Indian architecture so beautifully blended and showcased by our masons of those era and we still credit the Britishers who looted our country and did made some buildings for their higher ups to stay and enjoy the presence in India. Likewise the gigantic Charminar built in the honor of Bhagyalaksmi was done my masons of those era and it still appreciated by us.
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    I never know about the Indian temple dedicated to Goddess Durga named Chausath Yogini Temple. It is really worthy to know that in one temple 64 forms of the Goddess are there in 64 chambers in one temple. I appreciate the author for the information. It is true that there are many Hindu temples across the country where we see an excellent sculptor work created by our Indians. If you see the Srikalahathi temple of Eshwara is one temple which demonstrates the skill of our Indians.
    Our Indian History is written by Britishers and their disciples, That is why many important points where our Indian supremacy will be established were eliminated and importance was given to them and their people. That is why we often hear that our History is to be rewritten,
    I feel like visiting the temple mentioned and I wish God will definitely give me an opportunity to have a visit to that place.

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    The author has brought in a very important information and it is very true that people take lead from somewhere for getting ideas and present that as their own. We all do it and there is nothing wrong in it but we must give credit to the original thing while we copy such marvels from the history. Everyone does the act of putting old wine in a new bottle but one should tell about the source and origin of that wine so that people can really appreciate it. I agree that we must take cognisance of the marvels of our past and glorify them and find out more such things and bring them to forums like this for the information of all.
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