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    Sometimes consolation is the only option left.

    I would share an experience which happened with me yesterday. I had purchased a centre table a year ago from a semi-branded furniture shop and it costed me around Rs. 10,000. Yesterday, I went to buy a new study table from a furniture market in village area. I brought the table but at the same time saw an exact same centre table in the shop which I had brought a year ago.

    I asked for the price and was shocked to know the price as it was just half the price of the table I brought and year ago, The table was exactly the same. I realized that since, I cannot do anything now so, I consoled myself that maybe the wood of table I brought a year ago was good one and the shop I brought it from was a branded one so, it must be having higher overhead recovery, etc.

    Since yesterday I have trying to give multiple reasons to myself to console myself that I have not been fooled to pay more and got a good product a year ago, which I know, is not the case.

    Has anyone faced any such event in their shopping experience.
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    The author has discussed a very good topic. Some people say that the experience of consolation is a spiritual experience. We need others to experience it, no one can console ourselves, but it is not because one who consoles himself and does not feel the need of others for console him at the same time that person knows how to handle himself. It happens many times that in life we ??think that this wish did not happen or sometimes we blame ourselves for the decision that we have made for ourselves and regret it, but this old time does not come back, so this consolation to ourselves It should be given that what happened at that time was appropriate in that situation. It is a very important art to console oneself, and those who have learned it, their life becomes relatively easy.
    Swati Sharma

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    Once I, along with my friends, went to Kodaikanal. I bought a jerkin for some price from a road side vendor in Kodaikanal. After seeing my jerkin, my friend also wanted to buy a similar kind of jerkin. I took my friend along with me to the same vendor. Since, my friend has some bargaining capabilities, he bought a similar jerkin at a price less than Rs. 200 from the price what I bought at. At that time, I had no answer as to how to react.

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    As mentioned above by the author has already happened to me. As I felt in such a situation, there is no option except for consoling itself. Once I and my friend went for shopping. She bought some house decorated item after bargaining. At that time, I had not planned to buy that item and went back. On the way, by chance, I decided to buy that item and went to the same shop for the same item then he told item cost double from actual price what my friend bought half an hour ago. At that moment, I consoled myself and returned back. There are many moments come in our life where we feel consolation is the only way.

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    Many times it happens. After we purchase some material somebody will say they purchased it for a less price. In my case exactly the opposite happened. Once I and my wife went to a furniture shop to purchase a sofa set. That is a branded showroom. We enquired the prices and we both felt that the rate is high. We asked the shop keeper and took a photograph of the same and came back. We know a carpenter who did work in our house for making woodwork when we have constructed an additional floor on our house. I called him and shown the photo and asked him whether he can do a similar one. He accepted. I went with him and purchased the required wood. He recommended the costliest wood and I took the same. In 10 days he made the sofa set and brought. It is much better than what we have seen in the shop and the expenditure is about 40% of the cost what the shopkeeper asked. The shopkeeper will get it done by some carpenter and sells. So the value increases without any value addition to the item.
    always confident

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    Purchasing things is the great art and we should not make hurried purchase or should not fall prey to the ornamental display of the thing which may attract our mind and decide then and there without giving time for verifying the rates of same quality elsewhere. For example I wanted to replace the cushion on my three seat sofa set and I am finding varied rates in different shops and but see the quality the same. What I came to understand that the big shops which give big rent in the hifi areas are charging more and the same quality is sold at the less price in rural market area. If this difference is gauged then we can purchase things at affordable rates.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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