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    After tik tok which is other best alternate apps for users?

    After tik tok which is other best alternate apps for users? I think there are lot of apps on mobile for video uploading but Tiktok was so famous now its banned in India so what people need to do to earn same amount like Tiktok.

    I am permanent user of YouTube so I will suggest to do YouTube video work and try to become good YouTuber to earn good money in Future.

    Blogging platform is also good but its nowadays down due to some reason I do not know if anyone clear on that will be better.

    ISC is good for article sharing and other section contribution for Indian users but YouTube is best for video vlogging.

    I am expecting many people to participate on this thread.
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    Tiktok was popular app undoubtedly till Indian Government bans it. Yes, Here are top 8 alternatives to Tiktok app.

    With the entry of Reliance Jio in 2016, the demand for videos / video sharing sites has increases a lot, Which in turn reduced the demand for written articles (blogging). But quality blogs / articles always draws attention of viewers.

    K K

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    What I understand that during the lock down and easing of it, many have created their own YouTube Channel for their different versions of video on social awareness, jokes, mini short films and moral stories. And many ladies started sharing their daily recipes, easy recipes of best morning snacks items and one Mrs Geeta Kitchen has been doing very nicely and she has good followers of over 10,000 views and comments on each recipe video. It seems original videos on You Tube is also fetching ad revenues and if someone is interested to earn from home then they can create videos for their each recipe and start earning handsomely.
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    I never used Tik Tok, So I am not feeling any difference before and after Tik Tok. I am a regular user of Youtube. I see many videos there. But I have not created my own channel there. Many good videos are getting uploaded there and many users are liking and subscribing some channels. The popularity of Youtube also adds value to its customers. Some times when we go to youtube we may see some videos without knowing the author, but we may like it and subscribe. That may be helpful to the author.
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