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    That's why he always looks downwards while walking!

    Have you ever seen a person looking downwards while walking on the footpath? These days many people remain busy with their smart mobile devices so you need to look downwards sometimes to find out the latest updates but, I hope you do not look at such devices while walking although a lot of people are habituated doing it. But if you are not busy with such things, generally you will not prefer to look downwards while walking unless there is a specific purpose for that. Mostly, people look around while walking to find out what is going on or to experience the natural beauty if it's a morning or evening walk in nature.

    The other day I met a person whom I know but hardly get a chance to talk to him since he always looks downwards while going somewhere. That day he was looking very happy and ready to offer me snacks and tea at a tea stall nearby. I was not so optimistic about the offer and after guessing that he offered me chocolates. I accepted and as he was ready to sip his tea from the cup another friend joined him and asked him about the reason for his unbounded happiness. That friend coaxed him to know the reason and after knowing the reason we all started laughing. He also told that day why he looks downwards while walking on the footpath. Now the reason for his happiness is he found a currency note of Rs 100 denomination on the footpath and with that he is giving small treats to his friends. He found currency notes of various denominations on footpath earlier also while walking and that's why he always looks downwards while walking to look for currency notes. Though this strange nature cannot be approved at least the reason for his looking downwards while walking got divulged that day.
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    Funny post shared by the author. Looking downward while walking is the habit of many and they sometimes had the head on collusion with the pole post or the person accidentally. And those who have the habit of seeing down are always criticized for being un-careful towards others and what is happening around him. But in this case the author's mentioned person being benefited with currencies he finds on the ground randomly and gives parties to his friends. However after the Corona set in many people in the beginning are not taking the notes fallen on the ground and my thoughts went to that news after reading this post.
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    I know a very famous personality from Andhra Pradesh. He was a very famous poet. His works received many awards and Andhra University gave him an honorary doctorate for his literary works. He is my distant relative also. In the same convocation, I received my PhD also. He was a short person and his habit was to look down only while walking. Of course, those days no smartphones. He never looks the opposite person. He minds his walk always. Like that there may be some people who walk by looking down only. The reasons may be different. But the reason told by the author's friend is very funny. How much money he got like this we don't know.
    I always walk looking around and if any known person appears I will say hallow and walk. If the other person is very important or very close to me I will stop there and talk with him and then start my walking. So far I never got money like the way the author explained in the post.

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    It is an interesting narration but I have seen it happening with many people that some people are very observant and while walking keep an eye on the roads, footpath, and even the drain covers on the sides and in that concentration occasionally find some little money lying at some place. So, one would not find it every day but nowadays there are so many careless people roaming here and there that it might happen that some small money slips from their purse or bag or pocket and falls at some place unnoticed by others. I have seen it especially in places of tourist interest and some popular place where people come for fun and enjoy and pass their few hours carelessly and pay to the hawkers there and take money from pocket so many times that it could happen that some little money falls at a corner unnoticed waiting for an observant onlooker.
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    Incidentally one of my morning walk friends has got this habit of observing minute and keen things in her surroundings and one day while going on morning walk she told me that there is something like a currency note lying at a distance from the main road near a parapet along the lane going to left side to some farm. I did not show any interest as thought it might be some coloured torn paper piece or something like that. She just stopped and went to that and picked it up and found that a note of fifty was there. I was really surprised on her coherence and focus. It was remarkable.
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