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    Who is the true father of Artificial Intelligence - Alan Turing or John McCarthy

    We do know about Artificial intelligence, but do we know about who is the real or true father of Artificial Intelligence. The names that have made the headlines are two great mathematicians Alan Turing and John McCarthy.

    Alan Turing is credited with creating a machine that broke the Enigma Code during World War II (1939-45), which was considered impossible due to its complex encryption which had millions of output/results and only person who has the Enigma machine can decipher it. Germans used the same machine to communicate but Alan Turing with some of the best mathematicians of that time developed a machine that was able to break the code and changed the course of World War II or say brought an end to it, saving millions of life. Alan Turing wanted to develop a machine that can think and give solutions to any input fed to it. So he was talking of an intelligent machine that can have the capability to solve anything like human mind.

    As for John McCarthy he was the first person to coin the term Artificial Intelligence in a conference he organised in 1956 called the mythic Dartmouth conference. He believed that artificial intelligence is equivalent to creating a machine that can imitate/replicate the human intelligence. He is credited with creating of language called List Processing (LISP). LISP is the second oldest high level programming language. All the coders and programmers must be aware of it on this site.

    Now who do we cosider the pioneer of Artificial Intelligence, Alan Turing, who did not coin the term but worked on machine that can emulate human intelligence or JohnMcCarthy who coined the exact term artificial intelligence and created high level programming language LISP. Should we assume John McCarthy as successor to John Turing?
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    As the author claimed that while Alan Turing who worked on the machine that can emulate the human intelligence and McCarthy has coined the exact term of artificial intelligence and created high level programming language, what I feel that both stands as the joint winning combination and both should be given the credence of father of artificial intelligence. And who is going take the legacy further is the question of time which will tell the difference. The science would always give respect to the both as they are concerned to the subject and there cannot be who is great and who is mute in this regard.
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    Alan Turing worked on a machine that can emulate human intelligence. JohnMcCarthy who coined the exact term artificial intelligence and created high-level programming language LISP.
    I feel Alan Turing should be given a priority over the other Scientist. He is able to get the things done by a machine which was being done by human beings for the first time. His work will be definitely an inspiration to JohnMcCarthy and he might have started the work from where Turing stopped. So it is worth to say Alan as Father of AI.
    But in many places in literature, I have seen mentioning JohnMcCarthy as the father of AI. But the concept is first implemented by Alan but later the term is coined. So I feel credit should go to Alan. Both the works are remarkable and both deserved appreciations.

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    The logic and algorithms used in turing machine were much ahead of time and though Alan Turing did not coin fancy word for it, he showed the mimicking of human intelligence through his machine. Later McCarthy coined the name and did some more important works in the area but I would say it was simply a sequel to what turing proposed and hardwired.

    Based on the biography 'The Enigma' of Alan Turing by Andrew Hodges, a movie was directed by Morten Tyldum and was released in 2014. The movie got critical acclaim and won academy award also. It has shown very nicely everything about the turing machine.

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