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    Do you have thanks saying attitude?

    We daily come across the people who are known to us, strangers and there seems to be close following us through social media and other platforms. They do share their valuable information, works, views and matters with us and for that we need to have minimum courtesy to express thanks for their sharing. Nothing comes free in this world and when some one passing their past legacy of know how to us for free we have to reciprocate the same with thanks. Do you have the thanks saying attitude, if yes on what occasion did you done the same?
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    Many people will use the word Thanks many times. I am also one among them. I say thanks to all the people who help me. If a courier boy brings a cover and gives me I will say thanks to me. If the postman delivers a letter I say thanks to him. But I will not say thanks to my family members and they will also not thank me for anything. I feel we need not be formal with our family members. I feel it is our duty to help each other in a family. So why should we thank them?
    But are we telling Just thanks mechanically or really we are feeling happy for the help the other person rendered and really tell him thanks is a big question?

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    Yes, we are in the habit of telling thanks to any one who bring something for us and he may be a delivery boy from Zomato, or a boy of Pizza Hut and our thanks giving makes them elated and they feel that they have been rewarded suitably.
    However, we are not obliged to our better half for her excellent jobs,she should also be given similar thankful words.

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    There are three magic word which we learned in school time - Sorry, Thank you and Please. Yes, I also believe that we should thank for every moment and all those who have directly or indirectly supported us. First of all thanks should be given to the Lord for the health because what is the importance of health is asked by the sickness. The person who is waiting to lie in bed all day long knows how painful it is to take every single step of a bed on a bed. We are healthy and are able to take our next breath, thank God for that too. Your family should thank the people around them for their support, thanks to nature. We all are interconnected with each other so we should thank for every person who help us in any way.
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    During my school days, I had my schooling in a remote school in a remote place where no one knew these words which are so common today sitting on our lips. So, for quite some time I did not know this and simply smiled like other people did when someone helped. Then when I moved to a big town for my PG then I found some sophisticated people using these words and it made the difference in their mannerism. When I started getting exclamation of thanks from others then I had to start inculcating this habit and better late than never I am continuing that practice.
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    We need to acknowledge every good deed concerning us. The acknowledgement is in the form of saying the word 'Thanks'. This good habit of saying 'thanks' should be taught to the children by parents at home and by teachers in the school. Truly, it is a magic word that pleases all.

    I use this word 'Thanks' without fail to whoever deserves it.

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    A simple gesture of thanks can mean a World to many as we face many thankless people and situations that makes us feel unimportant. But as simple gesture for each and every work whch other does for me is accompanied by a little bit of gratitute, it may bring a great amount of same gesture for us. What goes around comes around is what I believe in. Be in courier boy, shopkeeper, gardener, labor, cleaner or anyone doing even a menial job desrves respect as we are bound by our karma and each karma impacts many.
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