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    If life is conidered a drama then what kind of actor you are ?

    When we talk with the elders they often say that this life is the drama and everyone of us are waiting for our role to be announced and once our portion of acting is over, we are discarded, forgotten and only memories would be on. It seems to be right for me. As we have become expecting persons for every want and task and when the issue of demand is over, we are also forgotten. If the life is termed as drama then what kind of actor you are. Are you expecting lengthy presence of your acting or just a guest role?
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    It all depends on how people felt by a person's presence. If the feeling is good and the person has some contribution towards society, that can be in any form, the person will be remembered for a long time. It's better not to consider life as a drama because our presence in this world is real, actually, there are no such definite roles. If there were specific roles in life as we experience in a drama played by various actors then the roles would have been limited to only a few categories like hero, villain, cameo role, etc. Here roles are varied and change according to the situation. As long as you play the role of a contributor towards some form of development work the chances of staying in the memory of a large section of people will increase.

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    We are not actors to watch ourselves. We are for others to watch and enjoy. Whenever we come into contact/sight of other people, they look at us like actors. So, we continue playing our role from birth to death. It is a difficult theory to understand.

    Further, we are actors in a drama titled 'Life on Earth' conducted by God the creator of this universe. Only the creator God watches and enjoys our acting. Let us play our roles well for His satisfaction.

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    I think life is not a drama. Every individual will his/her own life. He need not play the role of another person. So our life is a gift to us given by God and we have to live it in a memorable way. Then after our demise also people will remember us and they may play our life as a drama on the stages to say people what is good and bad. The essence is that we have to be good in our lives. That will give us some good name and at least some people will remember us for some time.
    We all will see the dramas and movies in which the lives of some people will be shown and we all will appreciate those characters. Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and Satya Harishchandra are some ideal characters whom people admire them as Gods. They lived their real life and now people are playing their roles on stages.
    Even now also people who live a noble life may be remembered by people and show them as examples to the coming generations as Ideal characters,
    So let us live our own lives in such a way that we may be ambassadors of goodness and kindness

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    Of course, this life itself a drama. We are all actors. We play roles of all sort allotted to us by the supreme power or God. Among us, one person took many roles in his or her life time. By birth he named as son - brother - husband - father - brother in law - father in law - grand father in house side and as Assistant, Manager, GM, Director, actor, director, writer, fighter, poet, cameraman etc., Once the drama, that is life, is over, our total make up will be removed. A famous person died, column wise news found in news papers of all languages. Sons and daughters are crying as 'our beloved father left us' etc. After some hours of the death occurrence, once the purohit came the son asked him as when the 'body' is to be removed. So, the so called father become body. That is also a role for him.

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    According to me, we play many roles in the same life and want to give our perfection in everyone. Human life is also like a theater and we are all playing our own roles like an artist. Just like we want to play the best role on theater. We all have to play the same role in our life drama which we like and there is no mistake in it. We have to keep smiling in every role we have got. Whether someone abuses us, removes our hundred mistakes, commits evil, removes any deficiency, but we have to laugh and play our role according to what the director has said. In this drama, those who do not know the art of living, feel sorrow, the one who knows the art of living lives a happy life even in sorrow.
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