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    Pegatron that manufactures iPhone starts its operations in India

    There is a good news coming in that, the iPhone manufacturer Pegatron has started its operations in India. Now this can be considered as a first step towards 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'. Also we can expect cheaper iPhones.

    If news are to be believed then there are many MNCs standing at the door of India to not only invest but manufacture, as well as transfer technology to India of its know how.

    Few positives we can see from this is, that in future more jobs will be created. New technology and know how will be available Indians. Lesser brain drain and many more benefits to reap in near future.

    Just this one news made me smile and I hope more such news to follow regularly and the economy gets back on track soon.
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    After China apps are banned and Chinese goods are boycotted, the foreign brands which were keeping away from India are now feeling that they can also capture some share of the market and thus companies like Pegatron started their operations here. PM Modi has been appealing to the world community to see India as the next destination for great marketing experience their products provided they set up the facility and market their markets under the atmabirbhar scheme ie self reliant scheme. Many companies realized this change in stance and they are now looking for Indian partners. Even the Russia which recently invented the Sputnik vaccine has started contacting many pharma companies of Hyderabad for tie up and cater to the world needs as Hyderabad accounts to 33 percent of pharma facilities here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. Always a country which creates wealth will prosper. The governments should see that all the people will have ways and means to earn. Then the only the country will grow. Just simply giving free saps to some people should not be misunderstood as good governance.
    COVID 19 that way did good to our country I think. Many MNCs are looking at India as a destination for their investments in the manufacturing sector and service sector. Pegatron started its initial works to have its base in India and once it goes into production we may get apple products at a lower price. Many people will get employment.
    Similarly, many companies are trying to come to India. If all this happens post-COVID 19 eras for India will be encouraging and Indian youth will have good chances to get good employment opportunities and also some strat up chances also based on their interest.
    Let us hope that we will have good times and India will prosper as a developed country shortly.

    always confident

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    Yes, it is a huge success, it was the only partner left for India's economy, which had not yet come to India. Now Pegatron has also made its presence in India. It plans to gradually reduce trade from China and shift it to other countries. The business environment in China is starting to get messed up. That is why it is slowly moving towards China. In this sequence, companies making iPhone mobile phones are now setting their feet in India. In this sequence, now the third company has also come to India. After this, it will be possible to manufacture all its mobile phones in India. It is expected that India will soon become the largest exporting country for this too.
    Swati Sharma

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