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    Identify and save your true relationships.

    We do not even think that we would have a life without relations because we know what relations are worth in life, yet many times people give more importance to their ego than relationship and break some relationships for their ego. Bending in relationships does not harm us, I think there is no need to bow down to save a relationship. What we consider to be bent are attempts to keep a relationship or say so. If someone truly loves you, he/she can never leave you for any reason. Relationships are very important, keeping them is very important. As far as the extent is concerned, there is never any limit in a relationship, but yes there is definitely an understanding of identifying real and fake relationships.
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    True most of the relations we have been keeping away for small ego clashes and this pandemic has made us realize has to how the people are important and even a single person helping us would be like God sent. The new normal situation has stopped even the regular relatives and friends visits to our house and we are now confined to only video calling or phone calling and that does not suffice us. By venturing from our side and reach out to those relatives who were close to us once upon a time and just a casual visit to them would certainly change the equation of ego and hatred and extend the friendship treaty for future. Even the children are missing the relation cut as they want to enjoy the holidays and talk with the cut off relatives more firmly. So restoring old ties with relations has become necessity for many.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We know that we come alone and go alone. No one will come with us and no one will go with us. But during our stay here we may be coming in contact with many people and keeping good relations with such people will be always good for a happy life. We don't know whose help we may require during our life. So we should not make enemies unnecessarily.
    Maintaining good relations is very difficult. But terminating them is very easy. So we all should give more importance to keep the relations in a friendly manner. We should not have any ego in this. We should feel that all human beings are equal and we should treat them with respect. Treating rich people with respect and not taking care of the people who are not rich is also not a good trait. We should give respect and take respect. We should not get into the personal details of others and we should know the boundaries and we should be within that boundaries always.

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