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    Resumption of Educational Activities

    How will the resumption of educational activities be organized in elementary schools?
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    As the children in these schools are of tender age, it would be much difficult to explain and teach them as how to keep social distancing and how to take the basic preventions and cautions for avoiding the spread of the corona virus. Children would listen but would not be following as their minds are distracted easily with small things especially something related to playing and fun activities. So, no doubt it would be difficult for the teachers and other staff to manage things in elementary schools at this juncture or whenever they are resumed for teaching activities.
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    As per my knowledge goes neither the government nor the parents are ready to send the small children to elementary school as the children are out of sight and they are eager to meet the old friends and they were waiting for 7 months now, so one could not control the children who are sure to hug and cuddle on seeing each other and no teachers or the parents can stop them because the children are hugely missing their friends all these days and they would throw the rules of masks and social distancing to the air. In that case it is better to skip this academic year and conduct online classes and take stock of the situation. However the school management can send the teachers to the parents house and make them cozy as to they are being taken care off and also see how the progress in online classes has been made so far.
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    Very difficult. Children may not understand the seriousness of COVID 19 and how the precautions are important for avoiding the spreading of the virus. So making them follow the rules is a real tough issue. So many parents may not be willing to send them to schools. Once a group of children are there, controlling them is very difficult to control them and teachers will also feel the pinch. So I don't think, opening the schools immediately is not that advisable.
    I think parents should take interest and teach them lessons in the house and teachers should conduct some oral tests once in a while asking the parents to bring them to the school for an hour or so and see how they are picking up. If necessary they can give some suggestions to the parents and guide them so that all of them will study and the parents will take care of the education of their children. The teachers can give their mobile numbers to the parents and if any necessity is there they can contact the teacher and get the required clarifications.

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