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    Why behave indifferently with the poor seller and the rich seller?

    We human behave indifferently when we buy things from a poor seller on the roadside and from a rich seller in a shop.

    For e.g. A poor man or woman is selling mangoes on the roadside platform. He has only a basket full of mangoes to sell and make his square ends meet with the profit he makes. Supposing he says that a Kg Mango cost Rs. 50/-, we would try to bargain and get it for Rs. 40/-. We hesitate to pay it.

    If we go to a mall, and if we happened to buy the same mango kept in rows, with a price tag Rs. 100/- a Kg, We simply pay and get the item. We don't hesitate to pay it.

    Why not we help the poor guy by paying the price without bargaining, and make him happy?
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    I don't know which Psycology prevails in making deals with the different sellers. However, one thing is sure that we know that the commodities under the possession of poor class can be bargained conveniently and this Psycology works while purchasing from the poors. Even the sellers are helpless in the sense that any delay in disposing off the items would make it unsaleable next time. Hence they bow down before the customers and accept the price as quoted by the customers. The same thing would not hold good in case of a purchase through the mall because of familiarity of their selling pattern.

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    The author has rightly caught the behavioral pattern of the people at different places and normally we think that those who selling on the road side would have brought the same from the farm and there is a chance of bargaining. But they also bring from the wholesale market and sell the fruits or vegetables for eking out their livelihood. From my side I would never bargain the road side vendors and I know the average rates prevailing in the market as I keep moving places. May be there would be slight difference in rates charges but we should also see the quality and size of the fruits before deciding to buy. One thing is sure with basketball of fruits for sale even with high price, the vendor may not be much benefited nor he would construct a house with that money. May be we are helping him to get satisfied for the day. Let that be our attitude.
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    True. This is the tendency many will exhibit. When the lady with a basket on her head comes to our house for selling the fruits we will bargain and try to save a little money. But when we go to a mall we will pay the cost as printed on the label and no bargaining there. When we go to a restaurant we never hesitate to offer a tip to the server there and also the security person near the car. The money we gained by bargaining with that poor lady is very much less than what we gave as a tip in the restaurant.
    It is always good to pay the poor sellers without bargaining so that they can get enough for the trouble they are taking. But these days I noticed another issue. That poor seller will escalate the rate and tell the customer has the mentality of the customer is known. But doing this, this customer is having the satisfaction of bargaining and the seller will also have the satisfaction that the estimated profit has been earned.

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    There are hard bargainers who are habituated to bargain before purchasing anything and whenever there is an opportunity they bargain. Let me give you an example to clarify it. Though it is not much seen these days, but earlier, in many big shops, a term 'Fixed Price' was mentioned on their showcases or at some prominent places inside their store. It was mentioned because most of the customers used to bargain. I would say, it's our habit and whenever we get a chance we bargain. It's a part of the negotiation and nobody is selling items at cost price. Some are making huge profits and some are making fewer profits. In the case of vegetables, I have seen prices vary from vendor to vendor at different places. Prices of the item at your local market and the market a bit away from your locality varies. That's the simple reason of bargaining. If you can make a deal with the vendor and get things at a lower price I don't think that makes a big difference.

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    The author is correct in his observation and I even realised this a long ago and since then I always try not to bargain or even ask for price as I know it will be cheaper than the showrooms and mall prices.

    I feel that my money goes to a better place like this than paying to those who already have enough.

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