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    Should the interstate buses be started?

    Without consulting the other states, some state road transport corporations have started buses operations to inter-state routes much to the annoy of destination state as the pandemic issue not yet addressed and the cases are surging up. Latest news is that the MSRTC has started bus operations to Gujarat and Telangana. We know that Mahrashtra is the worst state with more case pile up and even the state leads in covid death toll. Why the governments are making hurried decision on this matter and what is your views on this?
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    Many states already started these interstate buses. Buses between AP, Tamilnadu and Karnataka are running from almost 2 months I understand. Between AP and Telangana they have not started as there is a dispute between the sharing of routes between the two States and officials of these two states are negotiating on the issue.
    Probably the respective state governments might have discussed before starting the buses. People may be suffering in the borders as there are no buses for them to go to the nearest town also. The people staying on Kodad prefer to go to Vijayawada rather than come to Hyderabad. If there are no buses from Kodad to Vijayawada as they belong to different states, the people may be travelling to Hyderabad. To avoid such problems these buses might have been started.
    With in the State or interstate, long-distance buses are not advisable to minimise the spreading of the virus.

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    But the buses wont be plying like in the past as limited places are agreed upon to be operated from both sides.
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    It is not wise to start inter-state bus service when the virus spread is on the increase. Interstate movement may be required for people involved in business for which they can use their own means of conveyance. A big bus is not required until the virus spread comes to zero.
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