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    We are judged and differentiated on the basis of language which was never ours.

    There is a sad reality about schooling as well as during employee hiring in companies, that people are judged and biased on the basis of language they speak. I m referring to English language. Even today especially in North India there is a big difference made between English speaking and non-English speaking people.

    Even teachers in convent schools do not treat children well if the kid do not speak English. How can they not understand that no one is born an Englishman, that his/her language will be English and the kid is sent to a convent school only to have his/her language improved but there is a an open bias in schools.

    Even during employment an English speaking person is preferred over a non-English speaking person.

    Using English as a means of instruction is okay, but expecting everyone to be fluent in English is not the correct way. We live in a country which is culturally very diverse and many languages are spoken and hence having one language as means of instruction is fine but, judging people on basis of their inability to speak English is the worst kind of bias that can be done. People are being judged for the language that was never their own.
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    Let me ask in this way. While Tamil is the language of Tamilnadu, and Hindi is not a language of Tamilnadu, the central government in India prefer Hindi speaking people for the job. In which way they are right in doing this? The same is the case applicable to India as a whole and the selectors selecting English speaking people for the job.

    Though English is a foreign language, it has become a working language in India. We hardly work in Hindi or regional language. Everything is in English and all are like British. Can't help.

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    I agree with the author. When we are going for a job to work as an engineer, we should be tested for our abilities in that field. But at the same time, there should be a way to communicate. The language will come to picture here. How well you can express yourself and how good you are in explaining in case a necessity comes. This is also will be tested before we will be offered a job. You may be able to express very nicely in your mother tongue but the other person may not be able to understand your language. So there should be a common language. All over the world, English is the language which will be understood by many persons. So the importance of English has increased. So we all should have some minimum knowledge in that language. You need not be a master in that Language. But you should be able to convey the message properly. High-end words need not be used.
    If not English or Hindi, we should have one common language which can be spoken by the majority of the population. That is how English has become popular and people always look for people who communicate in English well.

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    I do agree with the author that we have been judged and differentiated on proficiency of English language which was not ours. But unfortunately there has been compulsion on every one of us to learn this language either by default or by compulsion because this becomes the basic medium of conversation and writing and even understanding the problems and solutions to the future. I do understand that some of the Northern states and NE states are uncomfortable with this language and its pronunciation and yet they are forced upon to study. However there is no hard and fast rule to study that language and one can opt for Hindi or mother tongue to study. But what is the use of such kind of education and medium when it is not recognized generally and therefore we have been forced to learn English and there is no other go.
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