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    It is the chair that is respected not the chair person.

    In employment this is a very common and known fact that almost all the employee show respect to their seniors because of their position and not as a person. Many seniors are aware of this, but few live in a fool's paradise that they get respect from their juniors because they have now become senior due to their work and capability.

    This realisation comes only once we leave the job. All the perks, all the facilities, all the attention, smiling faces, all salutations, everything vanishes once we leave the position we held. Now all these goes to the next person sitting on that chair or position.

    We must realise and keep this in our mind even before we go for a job. Everything is not as it seems, just focus on your work and be respectful to all. There will be some exceptions but mostly the general nature in an office is of respecting the chair/position only and not the person sitting on that chair/position.
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    I fully agree with the author that respect is for chair or position he is holding, not for the person. But respect is a vast issue, it's very much possible that the person who is holding the position in your office is not a respectable person in your sight because he does not deserve your respect because of his ill-nature, misconduct or for any other reason but you are compelled to respect. It's definitely is artificial respect which exists as long as you are with him. When you are with your office colleagues/friends during lunch break some of you might vent their concealed anger. But sometimes, we happen to work with such seniors who are really respectable people in our sight. We are influenced by them because of them being genuinely great people. Our reverence for them is quite instinctive which emanates from the core of the heart. We keep on respecting them even after their retirement or leaving their chair

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    True. The subordinates may show respects to their senior as he is the boss in the office. The moment he gets superannuated, the employees may not respect him. This happens many times. So people should understand this fact and should not harass their subordinates. When we are in a senior position, if we treat our subordinates nicely and see that they will pick up some skills in work, Then such people will get respect from their colleagues even after you come out of the job you were doing.
    The respect is for the position he is holding. But the person will gain the same amount of respect after he ceased to be the boss if his behaviour with his junior and other employees if good and there is no intimidation of the juniors. So a senior should be a good person and treat all his subordinates well.

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    It is the fact that the chair which is powerful would bring name, fame and even make others to be the follower. In office those attain the managerial level through promotions are respected and regarded and even treated one step ahead of others during the service and the same person would lose all the attention and respect once retired. It is the natural reaction to which the person need not feel. Even the politicians lose the sheen and power as soon as they lose the position to rule the state or center. Take the example of former CM of AP Chandrababu Naidu, who was the first CM of separated state has planned very good Capital and even pooled money and land for the purpose. But unfortunately he lost the elections because he tend work as the CEO of the state and not for the farmers plight and now his every decision was questioned and even reversed too.
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