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    Is Distance learning education best to opt during lockdown time?

    is Distance learning education best to opt during lockdown time? As we all know joining regular classes is difficult to join and attend in university or colleges because of Corona lockdown in many places. In this situation I think distance learning like IGNOU is best university to join courses and degree education.

    I did my MCA from IGNOU i feel its best to do MCA from IGNOU , many people believe distance learning is not good compare to regular courses.
    I think if same situation of lockdown will go long time then distance learning is also best option to continue education from home.

    Please share your views in the comparison of distance learning and regular learning education.
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    Yes. Distance education is a good alternative to classroom education. Distance mode of education is very popular before COVID 19 itself and almost all the universities have their own Correpcondance course department. IGNOU is an open university and offering a correspondence course to many students in various disciplines.
    But IGNOU will also have some classes for these students who study through a correspondence course. Now they have to start online classes for a few days during the studies. That can be easily organised by IGNOU. There are many other institutes offering this mode of education.

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    Before joining the distance education one must understand that the education through this mode will be through the study materials and notes being supplied by the University or the board and there is no teaching support like other form of education. But students fear that they are getting out of touch from the education and they may totally feel cornered with no education further and thus opt for distance education which can be a boon for those who are more understandable to the studies without any help and it is risky to those who need constant teaching on the subjects and thus it is left to the thought process of the students.
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    Distance learning is good only when it is feasible. It is most favorable for theoretical courses as practical and technical courses need practical sessions under the proper guidance. During distance education, candidates are provided with the syllabus and study material and candidates are supposed to study on their own. But there are courses where practical sessions are equally important as the theoretical part, like MBBS, Biotechnology, Microbiology, etc, and in such cases, distance learning is not at all possible, even during this pandemic.

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    These days the entire world is in crisis due to pandemic. All school and colleges have been remaining close for last six months. In such a situation, distance education is the best option for continuity in the education system. Right from the beginning, distance education has been a popular teaching method in all Indian universities.
    Nowadays, student is in great loss due to COVID 19. They are sitting idle at home. So, if govt try to provide education through distance mode then definitely, it would be beneficial for a student. There are many reputed open universities in India. IGNOU is one of them. Many people in my family got degree from this university.

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    Teaching provided by IGNOU is considered to be the best because of careful planning of the courses of studies. Moreover, they take care that each aspirant gets study material without fail and moreover, the contents provided by them are of superior quality.
    Now when the entire educational institutions are facing dislocation due to pandemic phase and the mode of teaching of all such institutions are through online classes. Hence teaching pattern has been more or less the same. Even IGNOU programming consist of a class room session providing you a doubt removal session where your doubts are cleared by the expert faculties. In that way, distance learning mode adopted by IGNOU is certainly the better in terms of quality inputs offered by them.

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    In this era of Corona , the trend of social distancing is in full swing, so there can be no better option than distance learning program for this. Can do the course for less money. One can do many such courses, which are quite high in regular courses, less than distance learning through regular course, World Wide Recognition There are many universities, whose degree is recognized worldwide. Especially the degree of SMU and IGNOU is recognized worldwide. Distance learning program is a great option for people in the profession. If you want to study along with job, then for this you have nothing better than distance learning program.
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    In the present situation, the distance learning has become a very important thing and many of us are seeking it for our enhancement of learning as well as new learnings. This is especially useful for the working people as there is no hassle of giving it time out of the working time. For them it is like a boon. Already distance education sector was doing good and now due to the corona virus spread it has become the first choice for the students as well as the professionals. Another important thing is that the technology is changing so fast especially in the IT sector that one has to enhance one's learning to stay in the job and career as people having more knowledge of latest technologies are being preferred by the industry for its positions.
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    Really you all are given best thought on this thread. I appreciate by heart . Thanks to all for participating in this thread.I hope some more views from other members too.
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