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    It is time to advise students who want to end their lives

    Every single day, we do see some suicide or the other happening in some parts of India. These are mostly from students. Those who had prepared for some competitive examination and are yet to actually come to terms with the stress are particularly vulnerable.

    Which actually brings our focus back to parents. Today, there are too many courses available and too may routes to success also available. Those wtih even modest means can pack off their children to do medicine in Russia or some other similar country, where the costs are low. There is no need to fear the entrance examination in India. Similarly, there are too many alternative courses. For example, if a student does well in bio-technology, he or she can easily study an advanced course like MS in the USA and get to work on the best of jobs that pay more than doctors, even in that country. There is no need to push too many students. A lot more concerted action is required to advise students in the right direction.
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    Ending our lives forcible is not the solution for any problem. There may be many solutions to a problem. Only thing somebody has to think and understand the problem correctly. Once you understand the problem, finding a solution to that problem is not a difficult issue.
    As mentioned by the author, there are many ways for students. These days we find many new courses and disciplines for the students to choose the one they like. There are many alternatives also. If you don't get a seat in MBBS, you can try for BAMS or BHMS. Like this, we will find many alternatives for each course.
    Let the elders take the trouble of explaining these issues and help them in coming to you a correct conclusion. Mentor them and see that they will be out of frustration. There will be many roads to reach our destination. If one road is getting closed, another door will be ready to get opened for us. So let them be optimistic and try to lead a happy life.

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    This unfortunate that some vested interests were deeply involved in raising the bogey of conducting entrance exam for NEET during the pandemic time and it would affect the student and they wound contact the disease. In the contrast earlier the JEE mains were held and even the results were declared in which 24 candidates across the country scored 100 percentile. How come when the students are ready to write, why there was hue and cry to stop the exams. Likewise the NEET exams were also held and there was huge section stop the exam. And those students who have not prepared and thought they would go for next year could not digest the fact that the exams were held and does committed suicide. By killing themselves what they achieved could not be understood as they shattered their own dream of becoming doctor and also snatched the very thought from the parents.
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    Parents should never expect too much from their kids. All students are not the same and cannot perform equally well. Being parents, we should teach our children to learn from failures and then to move ahead with better. Parents force their kids to join a professional course and then to get a job but many times, students are willing to follow their hobby or talent and do not want to follow the traditional path of career. In such cases, parents should support them to follow their heart and must guide them to achieve well. The confidence of parents really works like a tonic for kids and they feel energetic to perform better always.

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    Rather advising the students the advise to parents is apt here. Here my view is the force in such students to the level of suicide, mainly because of their parents strictness over their appearance / success. They expect from their children more and more. I am seeing many parents admitting their children in such schools where there are more extra curriculum over the normal syllabus. Even in small age they keep their children with full engagements with multiple activities without thinking their capacity and tiredness. Such stress in them is just transferred to their children and in turn the children do fear or commit anything out of fear on the parents' anxiety.

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    Not paying attention to minor problems of children and easy access to TV and internet has made even young children stubborn and fierce in nature, due to this, mental depression is increasing in them. Parents should keep an eye on children's activities and listen to their problems and try to solve them. There is a deep flaw in our society and values ??of life somewhere. We have become ill as a society, students are taking suicidal steps due to small failure. After all, why do some people try to end the most priceless thing in life when they fail the small test. While there is an ever increasing competition, inadvertently the relatives also put unnecessary pressure on the children. The child is held responsible for the excessive expectation from them and when the result is not favorable, the adverse result from earlier increases the pressure on the troubled child.
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    Parents have definitely a big responsibility in this regard but there are many other factors which are responsible for these serious matters. One of the prominent reason is job opportunity. There are no jobs for the young people and they are being trapped in the world of depression and inferiority complex. Society has to help them and engage them in some good work that inculcates good mindset in them.
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