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    Why our life span getting shorter when compared to our ancestors?

    My elders used to say that their grand fathers and great grand fathers used to walk bare foot, does not have the specs on their eyes, their 32 teeth were intact and they would eat good and work hard in the field. Most of the elders in our family has died almost touching 100 years of age and my father himself died at the age of 86, my mother died at the age of 84 and even come across many relatives whose elders crossed the age of 80 and died. That is astonishing as the present day generation are not even crossing 70 and complains about disease and not well from the age of 40 years?
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    All depends on the food habits and lifestyle of the individual. I heard people saying that the average life span of a human being has increased. They attribute it to the increased awareness among the people and the increased medical facilities that are available these days. As per the reports, Life expectancy in India was 25.4 years in the year 1800, Now it has gone up to almost 70 years. Then life expectancy of a female is more by about 2,5 years more than that of a male in our country. These statistics say that there is an increase.
    But many of us will think that we are not healthy and our elders are more healthy. May not be true. There were people with health problems earlier also and today also. There were healthy people earlier also and now also. Your health depends on your habits. So I think by adopting healthy eating habits and having good exercises may give us a long life.

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    In ancient times, people used to do all the work without the help of any technology. Like, moving from one place to another, they had to work more than us in completing all the tasks of their house, due to which they did not fall prey to the dangerous disease like obesity. Also, our ancestors used to have the same routine, in which getting up in early morning was about taking time off from food to work and having a light meal about 4 hours before sleeping at night. Sleeping early at night and waking up early in the morning is a hallmark of good routine and health. Technology was created to help humans in the world, which they also accomplished but at the same time made us lazy. In this new phase of today, more than ten years, man is becoming lazy. If this continues, the destruction of mankind is not far away.
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    I would agree with the author with regard to higher life expectancy and will also add that our ancestors were even taller than most of us. The reason are simple, they lived a disciplined life, they ate natural products more, they worked harder, there was less or no pollution, diseases were much lesser than today.

    Today, by age of 40 we become bald, have high BP or sugar or hypertension or thyroid, and what not. Where is the health? Most of us are popping up pills just to stay alive.

    Yes, we have advanced in medical science and say that we have increased life expectancy by so and so years but, if I spend 5 to 10 years in the hospital during old age then what is the use of that increased life expectancy. I would prefer dying at my home disease-free rather than lying in a hospital bed asking doctor to save me. I don't consider extending the life on life support system as an increased life expectancy.

    Yes, we have eradicated Polio, controlled TB, and a few more big achievements but still haven't achieved a healthy life. Each of the products we eat is full of chemicals and pesticides. We are eating more and more of artificial and packaged products and obesity is increasing in teenagers and young ones.

    We have a lot of comforts but not health, we have added a few more numbers to our life but not real life.

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    In our village there were many old people nearing 98 or even 100 and they were healthy but could not move much due to old age. They did not have any disease and took their food and did their washing and bathing etc themselves. But when I came to the town I saw that people hardly lived up to 90 or 92 something like that. It must be the unpolluted and healthy environment of the village perhaps that there was so much difference.
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    In the present time, the foods we consume are adulterated, the air contains a lot of toxic elements and the pollution of air has given rise to breathing problem, Asthama and other respiratory disease. The combined effect of impure food and air has affected our vital organs. Such trend of air pollution is not localised to a particular place but can be seen almost in all major cities. High B.P, Diabetes, Heart disorder, Liver problems are the results of disbalance of the natural resources. Hence even though we make attempt to avoid adulterated food, it cannot be achieved in practical terms. However, we must avoid Pizza, Burger and other fast foods as far as possible to safeguard our health.

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