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    We need more objective assessment of ground realities and problems

    There is a tendency among some members of ISC and thousands of people in our society, who virtually sing songs in praise of the ruling dispensation. Even when they had done blunder after blunder in the past almost seven years, they heap praise on the Prime Minister. Even when it needs just elementary eighth standard common sense to understand that the biggest crisis facing people today is the lack of income and hence lack of demand for any product, the supporters come around saying everything is fine and that the economy will be back.

    The worst fall in the GDP growth is there for all to see. The trick is to spend more and even print notes to increase money supply. We need employment. We need jobs. The world's wisest economists and even Dr. Subramaniam Swamy have said the same thing. Yet, the Govt acts as if it knows everything. It does not give the GST dues to States; it says, borrow from RBI and repay the loan!

    One atrocity after another is done in India. We have reached a point where people have lost their common sense.

    We need more objectivity in evaluating the ground realities. We need to take up issues on merit, on what we around us. We cannot be blind and keep on praising someone just because we like him or her. It is time that we have more and more people speaking the truth so that at least more blunders do not happen.
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    The author keeping on bringing the hate posts against the sincere efforts of the Modi govt and he is mentioning that we are heaping praises for no reason. It is the fact that what India facing is the world disorder of economic situation due to pandemic and we are now slowly limping back to normalcy. Only yesterday it was reported that the petrol consumption across the country has touched 2 percent more of last year this time. That means the economy is slowly picking up and the people are realizing the fact of recovery. The diesel consumption was at 94 percent in spite of local buses, and inter state buses put on hold. Surely India has been recovering well and the author need not cast any apprehensions on the govt sincere effort. Even the purchasing power of the people has increased as online bookings of gold, silver and clothes are the indication.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel we should not try to find fault with the government always. Already we have given keys to them and it is not in our hands to get back them that easily. We have to wait for the next elections and we have to vote against the government. But if the majority of people wants them back, they will be there. This is a fact. There is no way out. At the same time, the most responsible party in India is not able to discharge its duty as an opposition party perfectly. They are in their own problems and they are not able to select even their leader who will lead the party in the coming elections. So I feel there is no alternative. When you have given a stone to a mad fellow ( This is what I understood from the post of the author), he may through it on to the tree or on you. One should think before giving the stone to him. This we have experienced many years after independence. I don't know how long people will keep their faith in one party.
    always confident

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    Mohan, why do you call it a hate post? I think the intention of the author is to question this kind of 'blinded by image' attitude. That is why he is trying to exhort the public to be more objective while evaluating ground realities.

    I think he, as a citizen of democratic India, has the right to his opinion just as you have the right to yours. What we need to ensure while initiating/ participating in such discussions is that we must not go overboard. Let us not get personal or cross permissible limits.

    Just as Shri Modi is your PM, he is the PM of all Indians but that does not mean that he is above any kind of healthy/ constructive criticism. Don't get perturbed, for whatever reasons.

    Just a query, you have in your response stated that the petrol consumption was up by 2% than the same time last year and the diesel consumption stood at 94% despite the lockdown, but you did not mention how. Just try to find out how it is possible keeping in mind the pandemic situation. You are simply believing what is being claimed without giving its practical approach any thought. And that is exactly the difference the author is pointing out.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    Saji Sir has hit the nail squarely on the head. Take the question of GST dues. The Centre has no right to keep delaying the dues of the State Governments on one pretext or the other. Now, they have told the Supreme Court that the GST dues cannot be given and the States have to borrow. Is this not dictatorship?

    See what amount has been given to the development of Tamil. Neither the PM nor the FM makes even one single reference to the growing problem of unemployment. Mohan Sir, what do you have to say on this? The Kerala CM has repeatedly asked for funds. Not given. The PM does not even hear him. The Punjab CM is crying. So is the CM of West Bengal. They are merely saying, give back our dues.

    Even in our own Tamil Nadu, the amount sanctioned for COVID Management is a pittance. What federalism is this? No wonder, youth are so angry and they have started the "National Unemployment Day". The BJP goes on to create an illusion that the great PM is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. Just because the Congress is weak now, does not mean it will not come back. The great PM is a mere talker. Not a doer. Take welfare of Senior Citizens. Why has he not announced a single scheme, where the Senor Citizens get 8.5% so that they will have their head above water. Millions of senior citizens are hit so hard.

    So, the net result is that the poorest of the poor are forced to migrate to the cities. Now, what work do they do? They are doing the worst of manual work. They wash plates and work in construction sites at wages that are far less when compared to the locals. Mohan sir and others like him should open their eyes and move towards a more objective analysis of any issue. Unless the demand for anything picks up, there will be total chaos. And this is eighth standard economics. Unless the jobs are found, there will be no increased demand.


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    I am not a government servant nor I am being paid by the ruling party at the center for supporting the cause. What I am trying say that by keeping on bringing the failures of this government which is not that reality as envisaged, are we not giving the truth a safe burial because the good attempts of this government are never praised and the issues which keep on harping were pre lock down and what has happened in the country for the past seven months is new to every one and govt. So give this government a breather say another six months by which the things would set right otherwise remove this govt next term and I will be first to voting it out.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think Mohan sir is correct. Though I am not a Modi supporter, I have never seen the author raising any thread giving any credit to the present government at any time. I think he is occupied by some pre-determined mind. The present government has corrected lots of past blunders. See the current China conflict. India has got upper hand and wins the hearts world over. Government does not mean only Economy. In the current situation, the Economy will always take the back seat. Beating the bush with the word "Economy" will not serve the purpose now. Even I have criticised the present government over the economic issues in the past. But it is not the right time.
    The current pandemic taught us a lot. Managing 1.34 billion people's health is not a child's play. Even most advanced countries are also struggling with their smaller population.
    The author should have a rational mind if he has written so many articles and not a critical mind.

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    Thanks Bhuvan for coming up with supporting response. The author must note that in this six years of governance not a single corruption or scam could be found, and the opposition party does not have any matter to corner the government , keep on harping the unemployment issue and criticize the government and the author repeats the same. Moreover India is in the good books of many countries and post China apps ban and strict actions on that country products many new companies wants to invest in India and future should be bright and more rewarding and even the author would get a new job offer.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Am extremely sorry to note that many members are not at all accurate in any of their arguments. What about crores of rupees paid to MLAs of other parties to switch over to the BJP in MP and in Karnataka Sir?

    Can Mr. Mohan claim that black money was not used? Or will he claim that those who defected were so altruistic and did not get many to cross over.

    Come back to GST dues. Is it not the duty of the Government to pay the dues to the States? And does Mr. Mohan claim that the pre-Covid situation was one were milk and honey flowing from all directions? And does he give a clean chit to the so-called BJP leaders who incited people ahead of elections in New Delhi, Sir?

    Mr. Mohan and others like him should open their eyes and see the reality. For a man with an empty stomach, food is God. Millions are starving. And yet one Member says that managing the economy is not so important. Dealing with China in a firm way is the duty of the Government; it cannot be claimed as an achievement.

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    Horse trading concept was the brain child of the Congress and when other parties does the same it is taken as big issue and in politics there is no permanent friend and enemy. Power and position make people to switch over to the strong ruling party as they see pall of gloom staying with Congress. The government did supply free ration for the poor and migrants and even the scheme was extended up to the month of Nov this year and I do not feel people are starving for the food as there is no report as such. India needs a strong leader now and not a child leader as present in opposition therefore we have to wait for the concrete results to come shortly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I did not say managing the economy is not so important. I have said that even I raised threads regarding economic issues in the past, but talking about GDP growth at the present situation is not correct. You say "Dealing with China in a firm way is the duty of the Government", then saving the people's health is not the duty of the Government? Show me where in your "Macroeconomics" dictionary, the GDP can grow even if people do not produce goods and services.

    We all have opened our eyes and can gauge the situation. It is the time for you to open your eyes and present your arguments objectively.
    Your intentions are clearly shown in this thread in which you do not take time to blame the government by reacting to a fake news. ""

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    All genuine demands of States should be pondered over by the central government, it will help them in smooth functioning. Unfortunately economy is in poor state. Almost -24% is an alarming stage for the country, youth is going in distress because of unemployment. Hope government will take some more concrete steps to improve economy and will provide job opportunities in bulk to present youth.
    NPA is continuously increasing in banking sector. It is a matter of concern. Government is expected to be strict against all defaulters. New bill which is to be tabled in upper house now, causing squirming among farmers, especially, in Punjab and Haryana, should be heard.

    Congress is not a party of saints. We are people. We should not speak for or against the government.

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    That is what I am saying, "We should not speak for or against the government". We should be rational. But the author of the thread, takes one side and thinks what he says is correct and gives a statement that it is an 8th standard Economics.

    What I am arguing that people's lives are more important than any other thing. In my locality, a young man, who was the bread winner of the family, died of Covid-19 leaving behind his wife and a small boy. I think we can imagine, what a loss to the family. I understand that we need jobs but not at the cost of our lives.

    The author of the thread is talking about GST dues. What he is meant by GST dues I want to know. The Government is withholding the GST compensation and not taking away the SGST or share in IGST. Paying the GST compensation at this time, is really difficult because the accruals in the GST Compensation Fund is very low due the Pandemic.

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    The author has raised a very important and precise issue about the failure of present Govt at many fronts and what he has said is no exaggeration. But the problem with many members (including me) is that we are comparing the present Govt with the earlier ones and finding it extremely better in many respects. So the most interesting thing is we might be thinking that worse is better than worst but in comparison the present Govt is far better in many of its ideas and long term planning. Opposition is jobless nowadays as people know them well by this time and are not going to be misled by them. So what the author has expressed is only an anti-establishment expression and whatever Govt comes it would remain same. Unfortunately we are ignoring the good things done and only seeing the failures.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is not to say that Congress was excellent. It is not to claim that Congress had no corruption during its rule. But we need to understand the ground realities. Mohan Sir is totally wrong. When someone does something wrong, it does not mean the party that always talks of "anti-nationals" and black money should use the same black money to purchase MLAs at a huge cost. I happened in Karnataka and it also happened in MP.

    So, is this not corruption? And when the PM does not even speak a single word about unemployment and is so busy and happy with his birthday bash, what do we do? What action has he ever taken to increase employment? Mohan Sir is living in an illusionary world. The Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme was started by Congress. It was such a superb scheme. The same great PM criticized it when he was not in power. Today, he is talking about the same scheme. Why not increase the wages under this scheme to Rs.400 per day, and also extend the same to 180 days per day?

    When the banks are forced to lend to the Ambanis and the Adanis ( please look at their record of debts and then talk), why cannot use the funds to provide employment? Please do note that this scheme actually helped to bring about a good revolution in the rural areas. When income increases, the demand for good increases. Yes. This is 8th standard economics. One does not need the greatest economists to say this. The only problem is that the great PM thinks he knows everything and whatever he does is always good. All the others are fools or anti-nationals. God save this nation. And still, Mr. Mohan will say that this Government is the best.

    I really do not know how long this tamasha of blaming the previous Government will end. 72 odd months is a ridiculously long time. This is exactly why the Government goes on talking about non-economic issues. I do not want to join issues with any Member. The ground facts are totally different. The realities as they obtain today are so different. If some Members go on singing praises, let them do so. But the problems will not be solved.

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