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    Punishment is best rather than advise or warning

    "Adi uthavuvathu pola annan thambi uthava maattaarkaL' is a Tamil saying which means no brothers will help than a beating. If a advise or warning given to a person he may neglect that or set aside. But if there is a punishment, the fear is there in not doing that.

    In Madurai Police personnel warned the foot board travelers to get inside and to avoid travel in foot board of buses. As they found some college students erring this advise, they stop the bus at one junction. Asked the foot board travelers, gave road cleaning works and asking them to put barricade stones on the middle of the road.

    Further, in Trichy, Tamilnadu, a sub collector drove his car on road and found a auto driver parked his auto at the corner of the road. He advised the driver not to park the auto there. But the auto driver argued with him without knowing him as a sub collector. The sub collector without arguing or shouting with him simply took the auto key and asked the traffic police who stand in the middle of the road to have the auto driver to assist him in regulating the road traffic till evening. He asked the police man to report at his office with the auto driver after his duty time was over to collect the auto key.

    Similarly in spite of many warnings on wearing mask given, people are roaming on roads without masks. Recently in Indonesia, the police personnel instead of levying fine etc., ask the erring people to dig burial pits in grave yard. picture has come today's newspaper.
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    I fully agree that warning and advices are listened just like that and the person forgets them at the next moment. There is no substitute of punishment in such cases. Punishment is a thing that the person remembers all the time and does not dare to repeat the malpractices.
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    The writer is right. Sometimes we are seeing an atmosphere of undisciplined disorder around us. Sometimes it is necessary to punish, punishment is given so that people understand that at all times their willful rudeness and rudeness will neither be tolerated nor can be ignored, if they will do so by going beyond limits, not only will they be reprimanded but they can also be given corporal punishment. Many times, advice or warning does not work in some cases, the real lesson can be given only by the punishment.
    Swati Sharma

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    Though warning is the first part to correct a man, but it does not work always since fearness factor is absent. At least in our country we have seen many auto drivers stoping their autos all of sudden without giving any signal to traffic and such an irresponsible act invites accidents since the traffic just behind the auto may notice the attitude of the errant driver. If you advice him to give a signal prior to stoppage. He would urge and shout. Hence it is clear that advising or given warning is not always effective.
    The author has presented the forum nicely giving a suitable punishment to the errand to work as a traffic police till evening and the traffic police was advised to report to him along with the culprit. The punishment offered in that way would certainly create impact and he would be careful next time.

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    Very true. Punishment only makes a person fear. If we say a kid not to touch fire, he may not touch it. But again if he comes across fire he may try to touch it. But once he touches the fire and experienced the heat, he will never forget that and never touch that again. This is a fact.
    When we pay a heavy fine for our misdeed, we will never repeat it. But just somebody advises us not to do mistakes and leave us, we will tempt to do that mistake again and again. But these days people are not worried about punishments also. Because the people are having a good amount of money and not worried to pay it. Monetary punishments which are very heavy only will be felt by people.
    In our country, punishments to the culprits come very late and hence they never mind doing mistakes. A quick and strong punishment on time will give good lessons to the people. Then only we can see some change in people.

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    Of late the police are coining out new ways to punish the erring public who were not following the set rules and what the author mentioned above is also happening in other cities too. Especially during the lock down many were not wearing the mask and coming out in public. Some policemen asked them to sell the masks to the those who are not wearing and thus given the punishment. In another incident a helmet less driver was caught by the police and the driver pleaded no money to buy the same. The police sponsored the helmet but asked him to do the duty at the junction for the whole day. Beating and scolding are the old way of punishing the erring persons. Now the laws are changing and people have ego problems and shyness. So the law enforcing agencies are using this trick to make them feel ashamed position in front of others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Advice or warning is done on the very initial stage when an unexperienced person does some mistake. If an experienced person does so then it appears as an intentional act and there is no remedy for it except to punish. Many people believe that punishment should be last resort as if done in the beginning it hurts the person and affects his creative faculties. He might enter into a depressive stage also. Sometimes, punishments are built in as default in the system. For example if you reach your workplace late then there would be a cut in your salary through the computerised attendance system and even the management would have to do some procedure to reverse it. Such types of advanced punishing system are desirable to be built so that the people can only curse the computer behind and not their immediate bosses who simply advice them time to time.
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