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    Along with equality, respect for each other is also important

    If a woman and a man get married, then two families meet in this fact. But it is a matter of sadness that the girl's family has full responsibility to fulfill this relationship. The parents of a girl are bowing down at her wedding; boy's family turns to become a dictator in his boy's wedding. This inequality that begins in the marriage will stays throughout the life. When we went to hotels most men are chefs in the hotels we go to, and we have accepted that men will cook in hotels, then why are we not accepting men cooking at home? The equality between husbands and wives is not limited only to who earns money and who handles the house, rather, it also includes the respect given to each other.
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    The topic chosen by author is infact a reality of present and controversial too, as there are still a lot of ground that needs to be covered to fulfill this gap of inequality.

    If there is no mutual respect, then there is only one thing - dominance. Usually in marriages either the husband or the wife will always try to dominate one another and this leads to constant fights and misunderstandings. Although we say that we live in a male dominated society/World but slowly and steadily this myth is breaking down.

    I can understand, those who suffer may not agree to it but changes are evident and at some time and some one must have taken up the responsibility and shown the courage to change things and bring about equality among both genders and for the same reason we see so many successful women's in every sector including the forces which is considered one of the toughest place to be.

    I personally know and seen tough ladies who have paved their way to success without caring about what the society thinks or says. We should choose the society we wish to live rather than the society moulding us the way it is.

    Changes come and they come at a price and that is why any change is painful. The comfort we have or see is a fruit of someone's labour and hard-work in past, so if we want the future to be safe, secure, comfortable and equal for all then, being thay change now is the only way forward.

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    When each one starts giving respect the equality matter also comes in automatically out of respect and thus there would be cordial relations among the people. The parents must create the habit to teach the small children how to talk and how to behave politely with the elders and giving respect to the elders at the young age would make them realize what good lesson they learned during the child time. Once we start behaving well, there would be need for others following us would also start behaving in the same manner because people around us would always be watching our good deeds and good manners and they also ape and do the same in their life. One thing is sure equality and giving respect to others should come from inside and that should not be inculcated or taught to be followed. Let there be inner conscience work on this matter.
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    Times are changing. These days marriages are performed very lavishly and we even don't know who is from the boy's side and who is from the girl's side. All will come on time and the arrangements will be made by the event manager and the marriage will be over. It is not that all the relatives from the boy's side will go to the house of the girl and the relatives of the girl will make all the arrangements and see that all are comfortable. Those days are gone.
    Similarly, there is a change in the houses also. These days both wife and husband are earning and both of them are sharing the house works. I know many people who make coffee and offer his wife by the time she comes from the office. These days girls are very choosy and they have many set specifications for the boy she has to marry.
    Of course, there may be some families with male domination but there are families with lady domination also. At the same, I should say that there are families where both wife and husband will go with an understanding and lead a beautiful life without any complaints.

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    If you observe the marriage ceremony being performed now a days, you could see entire arrangements are well planned and the girl side cannot take any step without the consultations of the side of the boy. Though arrangements are excellent but the stress within the mind of the girl side is understandable. There is always dominance of behaviour of the boy's side. This attitude may sour the relationship of marriage later. Hence at all cost, supremacy in the relationship is to be curbed so as to have smooth relationship.

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    This is something which has some deep roots embedded in the society. Traditionally women had more role in managing the household and taking care of children. Whether we say those jobs as menial or not menial, the women did it happily. Men were supposed to earn the bread for whole of the family. With time, changes have come in this balance and women are going out for job and still most of them are managing the household affairs also. Men are still not coming out of their comfort zone. Some men have observed these things and slowly taking up a part of household chore and I feel more men would join the league as it is only a matter of time and melting of male ego that would pave for an equal society in this respect. Women must appreciate this changing pattern and praise their counterparts wherever they feel that they are helping them in the household jobs. Appreciation is a great tool for harmony in our lives.
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