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    Changing the name does not increase or decrease the importance.

    We all know that name also means a lot in our country, often to the point where people become determined to dig out centuries old things to justify themselves. We see many names in the country or changes in them like India, India, Hindustan - whatever you like. We can say anything. Whether it is a road, a railway station, an airport, or a city name. Do not let yourself get fooled by being bogged down by recent events. The name change has been in progress for the last 4-5 years. The history of changing the name of the nation is long, which has been prevalent since independence.
    What do you think these changes in the names of places or buildings etc are appropriate or is it an idea to get votes from the public ?
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    Historically name change is a common thing and it has happened whenever some kingdom got control of other kingdom. Also when a regime changed in a particular country there was always a large number of name changes. So it is not in the good taste but people copy wrong things more from others than good things. Further, there is a undercurrent of vengeance in the process of name changing.
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    The idea of name change itself is ignorant and foolish. Each community in this country has contributed it's share of happiness and sorrows. Instead of looking backward we must look forward and work towards collective growth. This idea promotes racial superiority or inferiority in a community, something that ideal democracies must refrain from.

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    It is not necessary to change the name. Nothing is lost or gained by this. But unfortunately, the names of many places were changed many times by different people.
    In East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, there is a city called Rajamahendravaramu. The name came to that city as a king called Rajamahendra ruled that city. But during British rule, the name was changed to Rajahmundry as they were not able to pronounce the original name properly. The previous State government changed the name to its original one. Now the city is known as Rajamahendravaramu. I don't know why the British rulers changed a beautiful name just for their convenience.
    Just the governments will go on doing the changes like this without any use. They may be thinking that people will vote for them for these actions. But I don't think that no voter will vote to a particular government based this.

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