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    Time-travel, reality or mystery

    Recently, I have been observing that there are lot of movies and web series been produced especially in field of science fiction. One of the quantum physics concept that is being very much covered or explored is time travel. I would name few movies and web series which, I have watched and they have left me completely fascinated by this concept.

    I have watched 'Interstellar', 'Lucy', 'Dark' and last I saw 'JL50'. Now 'Lucy' movie talks about a lot more than just time travel but rest of them are completely based on time travel and its possibilities.

    I am not a science student but still want to know as to how much true is it? Those who have studied the concepts of time-travel in quantum physics can shed some light.

    Is time-travel a reality or just a concept that is being explored as a mystery to solve?
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    Time is definitely a mysterious entity as many things about it, are yet to be understood. One thing which is very pertinent about time is its flow in forward direction. Once a time packet has gone in past it has gone for ever as there is no going back. Understanding time and its course of movement is an interesting area and has a great role in modern science progression. Time travel has been a very popular imagination by the movie makers and fiction writers as it helps in undoing something that we had done in past but they forget that when you undo something then many other things would also be logically affected with that change a new situation would emerge where you would not be able to recognise yourself. So, it is mainly a phantasy and conjecture to have some fun.
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    For many of us time has been playing important role and time travel has been the most significant and even mystery too as we are not able to understand the same as to its reality or just concept. What the movies are showing may be for adventure and the extra dose of fiction to which many are addicted. Hollywood producers and directors always attempt such concepts which are beyond the understanding level of the movie goers and yet they make the movies in such a way that it give nail biting experience and the finish would be fantastic. Even in Telugu the director Vitalacharya is known for time fiction movies which are only enjoyable in the theaters for the while and then people forget the basics of it. And Aditya 360 starred by Balakrishna was also made on this concept only. Most of the movies in other languages also dealt with the time fiction.
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    I was reading some articles on this subject and they say advances in quantum theories may suggest some inputs for solving the time travel paradoxes. Of one can travel after than light, But I feel the time is not constant and it is an illusion only. Time will always move forward only and you can't make it it run into the past again. But we see time machines in movies which will take us back into the past.
    There will be a time difference from a country to country you may be gaining or losing some time. If you go from a country and settle in another country, it appears as if you have gained some time or lost some time. But one should remember that their life span is the same and the duration will not change,

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    There are many science fiction stories and movies where people move across time so easily and see the things in different time domain. In reality we cannot achieve that. Otherwise we would have gone to our future and seen there what is in store and come back and then try to change that trough present actions. So far there are no such machines or gadgets that can help us to achieve that unbelievable journey in the past or in future.
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    Actually we do time travel in a certain sense when we dream. So it can it be said that all forms of dreaming are analogous to time travel. In dreams, we move between our own subjective future or past or sometimes we land in a totally new place but feel we've lived in that place for ages. Maybe a better theory of dream and sleep may enable us to gain more control over our dreams enabling us to travel to many realities both past and future. This subject is a hot topic in philosophy and science especially after the development and recent advances in quantum theory and subsequent development of a quantum circuit. The most famous book on this topic is The Time Machine by the well-known writer HG Wells.

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