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    Every idea is a revolution in itself.

    It is generally believed that every business is built upon solid concepts, market study, economic feasibility and capital investment, but, there is another side to this. Every idea is a big revolution in itself and can be turned into a great business. One such example is of Kanpur City where 2 youth have just created history by recycling the flowers that are offered to temple and later thrown away as wastage into rivers.

    These genius youth contacted all the nearby temple and collected the flower that would usually be thrown as waste and then recycled it to produce incense sticks and bathing soap out if those flowers. These products are sold locally as well as internationally.

    This way, they not only provides employment but also prevented wastage being dumped into rivers. They have not only created a business model but also won the prestigious 'Tata Social Enterprise Challenge'

    In india nearly 80,00,000 tonnes of flowers is dumped into rivers from temples and what wreck they cause to rivers is unimaginable.

    There are numerous examples like the one above which others must also be knowing, they can share with all of us here.
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    At the outset my sincere thanks to those two youths who stricken a better idea out of waste flowers offered at the temples and thus they recycled the same to produce incense sticks and also aroma soap. It always need a planning and understanding of the things as to how to convert the wastes into a possible input for a successful end product which is not only accepted and used in India but also internationally. There are people who are very particular about creating something from the waste. One such person in Hyderabad collects the broken coffee or tea cups and make a drawing or the image on it be be presented as the display item like a small flower vase or small plant base. Such a lovely idea would never strike to the ordinary people and it needs the guts and courage to change the waste things to the need of the people and the world would support it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No idea is foolish. It will have its own . Some ideas will create history and some ideas may not.
    I worked in a chemical company immediately after my PhD for some years. The factory was new and is in the process of getting established. So we used to learn many things and the Technical Director there was a very experienced man and he used to tell is that we should not discard any idea aa waste. But we should work out the details of the idea and then we should decide on to implement or not.
    Brainstorming is to get different ideas from different people and see which is the best. When you apply your mind on a problem and start thinking about that problem, you will get some good ideas and you can select the best one you feel and implement it.

    always confident

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