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    Are there any short cuts to progress?

    Everyone wants to do something remarkable in life like making a career, earning money, making a name and fame, excel in some field, becoming more creative, and things like that. It is also known that these things ask for a hard work and discipline in our lives. So imagining these things is alright and good but when we really start to strive to achieve them then we find that it is not easy to reach our goals or targets and a lot of toiling and running from pillar to post is required. So, there is a conspicuous difference between imagining and reality of life. Now question comes how does an individual mould or align oneself in that route to progress. Are there some short cuts or some easy ways or everything requires only hard work? These questions generally crowd our minds. Can you suggest some ways or ideas in this regard? Please share your views.
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    The word progress itself defines that everything when it is done through systematic manner the success is for sure and that would be sustained too. There is no shortcut way to attain the success and those who are doing research on how to achieve success through short cut ways are actually wasting their time. For example if a train starts from a destination and reach the other targeted side has to take time and also it is done in the reverse direction. That means everything has to be systematic and planned so that the result would be perfect and time tested. We cannot ask train to take short cut and there is no route as such. Likewise our tasks in the life is always defined and it needs meticulous planning and execution before experiencing the taste of success. One thing is sure those who are regular performers they do not give credence to short cut success.
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    The author has raked up a question that the whole world is running after, material success. In short, we all want our dreams and goals to manifest. The answer to this is, yes and no. There is a short cut as well as there is no short cut. We always hear that to achieve a goal you must work hard, to an extent this is true for most of the people. 'There is no short cut to success', is what we all know. So to achieve material success this is the only way.

    Now coming to the other part, there is a short cut to attain everything one wants and that is possible if we have the clarity and understanding of ourselves that, we are not just material beings but a spiritual being and if we can understand and believe this we can easily break the human-made boundaries and achieve anything we wish to manifest. Although, it is easier said than done. In terms of material success, we see a lot of youngsters achieving a lot of material success at young age and also athletes who break records every now and then that seem impossible to a common person.

    Any work that is done without enjoyment is hard work and when you enjoy what you do, there is no work, its just fun.

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    The author has raised a universal question which is always relevant at every level and in every age. Broadly speaking there is no short cut of success except desired success is predestined on a plate for some people. Generally, success comes with hard work, sincere efforts, conducive environment, consistency, perspicacity, courage, optimistic view of life etc but in most of the cases despite all the essential required inputs, hardly a few people reach on top. The pyramid of success is as such that people succeed up to a certain level of this pyramid.

    An important question is how you define success and what the stage or level is when you're satisfied and consider yourself a successful person. People have different meanings of success. Some people find satisfaction at a lower level of success-pyramid whereas other people are not satisfied until they reach on top. It all depends on the magnitude of the impact of materialism. Highly materialistic people are never satisfied in their whole life even they have got a valley of gold. These people choose the wrong and illegal ways to earn money and because piling up money and hunger of spending a luxurious life is an unending process for them e.g. If any student has decided to become a doctor and eventually he becomes a doctor too but despite getting his dream of success come true he indulges in selling human organs for piling up money. It's due to his greed for money because of his extreme materialistic approach.

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    With the prestige of peace, man will be able to move forward in both Practical life and spiritual life. There will be right progress only by remaining balanced in life, apart from this, there cannot be balanced progress in any other way. This is the specialty of the human mind that he does not get satisfaction from the least and thus he wants to make progress quickly. There is no short trick for the progress that you make in life today. It is also said that whatever spread you get from hard work and persistence, whatever you have thought that you have to do in life ,you should put your energy in whatever you do to do the same. Progress is walk parallel with the hard work and honesty which one has for the work. The more hard work a person practices, the better the person can progress in this way.
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    Earning money is the only goal, there are many ways, One has to work hard to reach a position where it will become easy for him to earn money easily. But a person who wants to grow without deviating from ethics I think there will be no shortcuts except working hard and in addition to that one should have luck also. Even two people equally work hard the result will not be the same. The luck factor also plays an important role in this.
    There is no alternative in this world to hard work. A political leader may be able to make a lot of progress easily by earning money illegally but he has to work hard to become a leader and win an election. Similarly, an IAS officer may spin a lot of money and fame easily but he has to do a lot of hard work to become an IAS officer.

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    Success in life has different meaning to different people but in general success means when we achieve something that we thought of. Now to achieve something we have to do commensurate hard work and make efforts. There is no short cut in lieu of hard work. So, we have no choice.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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