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    There is no point in arguing with a fool.

    You should never argue with foolish people. This is because they will bring you to their level in the debate and then they will also beat you with their experience. There is no basis for the thinking and understanding of foolish people.

    To argue with such people means that you too will be forced to think or act like them. When the person in front of you constantly talks without any heads or tails, then it is natural for you to get angry. He will try to force the knowledge of his understanding on you by saying that your sensible concepts are fake. When he does not understand you, then inadvertently you will (may) try to explain it in his language.

    However, it is difficult to win over foolish persons because unlike you, their arguments will be based on the way they think and also they have the experience of talking irrationally. In this case, all your knowledge will be reduced to nothing in front of a foolish person. That is why it is said that there is no point in arguing with a fool.
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    I agree with the author that we should not argue with foolish people but disagree that we will begin to think like them if we argue with them.

    First, I don't think that we should argue with people to win rather we should put our views logically. It's enough. We should not bother whether or not someone accepts our logical views or solid arguments.

    I think even wise people are also a laughingstock. It happens when we keep on arguing with foolish people despite knowing that they are not going to understand our point of talk because of their stupidity or tendency of their stubbornness to not listen to others and we keep on arguing for the sake of argument.

    Interesting point is that a fool assumes himself as wise in contrast with what you think of him.

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    Ture. There are no takeaways for us if we spend some time in arguments with fools. There is a good poem in Telugu which explain these facts. The poem says that we may find a way to extract oil from sand, we may find water in mirage and we may find out a hare with a horn. But we can't convince a fool. So we should never try to argue with a fool or we should never try to convince him or never try to teach him.
    When a person never thinks with logic, I don't understand how to convince the person. Fools are always like this only. They think they are correct and they argue on the same point again and again. So it better to withdraw from such arguments. Many times when we enter into an argument with somebody unknown we don't know what type of person he is. But definitely, after some discussion, we can easily understand the other person and then we should withdraw ourselves. Let us not be the winners.

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    I am totally agreeing with the author. When we discuss some issues or matter it must be with the level field persons otherwise we are fooled by those with half knowledge and those fools even confuse us to tow their view point. The other day there was a Telugu movie and I was telling that he is the old hero Ramakrishna and has many good films to his credit. But the other person relative who was also watching the same movie said that he is Ranganath and nobody else. The argument was going on until a third person intervened and said that it was truly Ramakrishna and Ranganath but still he wont agree.
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    Now the question is in case of an argument, how to consider who is a fool? The person may be stubborn to her/his viewpoint but is considered intelligent otherwise. In that case, we cannot say that person a fool. The only thing is because of the stubbornness, the person is not going to listen to the views of others. It is a fact that there is no point in arguing with a person who least bothers about logic and finds many ways to prove how correct is her/his viewpoint. They will not listen to anything and think that they cannot be wrong. I have seen this happening with blind followers of a group or a political party. They will never tolerate criticism of their groups and will keep no stone unturned to prove your criticism wrong. Their stubbornness does not allow them to look beyond a particular thing. It's difficult to change their nature and arguing with them is simply a wastage of time.

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    Sometimes, the line of thinking of a stubborn man cannot be changed since their thinking never crosses boundaries which they might have made a baseline. Moreover, they are not the good listners and hence when you put forth some logic, they would interrupt you and will go in their own ways of interpretation to make you understand the theme. The situation may become even worse if there are others joining in his company and under that situation he may become more vocal and aggressive to forcing you to think in the similar line as he thinks. If you become annoyed in between, he will show others how immature you are in course of discussion.
    The best way would be to ignore his advances but be precise in your presentation and you must apprise of your view so that he may realise later of your emotions.

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    There are some reasons for us to argue with a person. First is when we want to show him that our point is correct and he is wrong. This is the most common reason. Second is when someone invokes us for it by telling something that we immediately confront and enter in a discussion with him. Though the motive of his invocation is not known, we try to argue till we win. The third reason is in group discussions and debates where we are supposed to show our knowledge about the subject and there are judges to assess our performances. Fourth is when we discuss some personal material in the family in a closed environment and enter into arguments. These are generally sorted out by the senior members of the family by applying a veto. All these are the normal modes of arguments that we do in our lives. Coming to the one mentioned by the author, it does not fit in any category and would be an embarrassment only if we do it so better avoid it.
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    There is a good moral story on this. Sure, most of you must have read it. To those, not aware of it, the story goes something like this. Once in a forest, there were two close friends. A bird and a monkey. One winter night, when it was extremely cold, the monkey noticed a firefly. Suddenly an idea crept in his mind, 'Why not light a fire with the light emanated from the firefly'. Next instant he caught the insect, collected some dry woods and tried his best to light a fire. The bird saw the foolish action of her friend. So she tries to explain to the monkey, but without success. The monkey continues with his experimentation. The bird tries again, but the monkey failed to see reason. Ultimately, when the bird pestered with her arguments, the monkey got angry and letting go of the firefly, caught hold of his friend and banged her against a tree. That much for trying to argue with a fool.
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    Very true. I agree with the author's view. Fool person remain fool forever. You can't understand them. Their way of talking would be irrational and baseless. If you try to convince them logically then you will be in loss. They always consider themselves correct whether it is true or not. Having an argument with such a person is just like searching the water in the desert. A very famous story of monkey and bird . You might have heard from somewhere about it. A bird lived on a tree. It had own nest on this tree. One day, it had been extremely raining since morning. One monkey came and sat under a tree. It was completely wet and shivering due to heavy downpour. Bird was looking everything. So, it suggested that monkey brother 'why don't you make your own house'? Then monkey listening this became angry and broke bird's nest.

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    Author is very true in her observation, never argue with a fool he will bring you down to his level.
    A fool is always convinced and 100% sure of his logics and arguments, he doesn't need anyone suggestions or advice as he/she is always full of wisdom, which only he understands.

    It is best to leave such person live in their own fool's paradise. If you happen to meet anyone who is hell bent on proving that he is right in every sense(only a fool does that), let them win the argument by accepting that he/she is right, this way you will save your time and energy. You can't have a discussion with a fool, it is only an argument.

    There is a beautiful quite by Rumi - "You can beat 40 scholars with one fact, but you cannot beat an idiot with 40 facts."

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    I fully agree that we should avoid such people as far as possible. Many times due to etiquette or courtesy we are not able to avoid them and suffer the agony of talking with them. It is one sided talk as they would not listen to what we want to tell them and go on speaking irrelevant things.
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