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    Prepare yourself for both good and bad results.

    Many people are very sincere in their heart, they are always forward to help others. Such occasions come many times in human life. When he performs his karma with good feeling, he does this karma many times for the good of himself and others. He hopes that whatever action he has done will result in good results, but sometimes he will not get the results of these actions according to his expectations. When the time comes, the person in front does not even think about the good work you have done, even if that person has improved his life or helped him on time, he does not even realize it. This happens only when the time is opposite you.
    Therefore, if you are doing any action, then you should prepare yourself for both good and bad results. If you take this policy in your life, then your life will be happy.
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    Performing your act with a positive frame of mind is important. But expect a result. Wait for the result and take it the way it comes. That will give you satisfaction. When you have no expectations, whatever you get will make you feel happy. But if you have some expectations and the result is less than that you will have a dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction will always hunt you and you will have a strained feeling.
    When we help somebody, we should do it with some expectation. We should do sincerely. If you help somebody today who is in a need, God will see that you will get help from another source when you are in need. This day you may feel that you don't require anybody's help. But in the coming days how it will be, nobody knows. So we should not feel that we are self-sufficient and we don't require anybody's help.

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    My principle of the life is to follow mission and the commission would follow you if the mission was successful and be ready to embrace failure if the mission was failed. In a competition everyone cannot be a winner and we must be graceful enough to accept the failure also. While good results should not bring in head strong and over confidence behavior in us, the failure must surely rekindle a new thought process within us as to what went wrong, where we erred and what was the reason to the debacle. After every poll results the political parties take stock of their performance. Even the winning party shall probe as to why the voters turnout was low and why the margin was less to the ruling party candidate. And the opposition parties also review the debacle and arrive at the next step to be taken to be in the good books of the voters.
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    We can only act but results are not in our hand. So, it is necessary that we should not much bother for the results otherwise we would not be able to do a task thinking that result would be negative or we would fail in doing so.
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    In our culture and religion the main scripture about Karma is holy book of Gita. In that Lord Krishna had very clear stated that we have to do our work and there should not be any confusion or ifs and buts in that. The teachings of Lord Krishna made the warrior Arjun to realise the fundamental concepts of Karma and he started to fight the war ahead with full zeal and concentration. So, we need not to bother or worry about the results of our work, it could be good or bad that the coming times will present to us. But having apprehensions and then worry for the results is not warranted. It would ruin our present and bring pain and stress in our lives. We should be prepared fully to accept the results whatever they are.
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