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    Are we occasionally strong parents?

    Parents always do their best for their children and always try to protect them from evil acts. Now take it in a very light mode. Consider a situation when you and your child are going to a park and suddenly you see a snake. You, yourself get scared of the snake but in front of your scared kid, you will pretend to be a strong one and will say, "Don't panic, it won't harm. Just be careful". I am very much scared of lizards but when it comes to my window (mostly during the rainy season) and my son feels scary, I put all my courage to run it away. Everyone feels scary in some situations, if it is not a lizard, it can be anything else.

    Have you ever felt this the same way? Share your experiences.
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    That is true. We should show our braveness in front of our children. Otherwise, they will become more panic. I never like going to a dog. But when I go with my son on a road my son will have a lot of fear. If I also show my fear he will be very scary. So I try to hide my fear and carefully tackle my son. Now he is not scared of a dog. Now my granddaughter has a fear for a dog. I am trying to see that she will come out of that fear.
    Parents should appear strong always to their children. Then only children will feel that they are safe in your caring. So even though we have some weaknesses we should not show them to our children.

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    Nice thread from the author. Occasionally we tend to behave as if we are brave and courageous but inside we have the fear factor lingering in our mind. For example many people have the fear of stray dogs. Though they do not harm the people, but when they are hungry and chased for nothing ,they would pounce on the attacker. But when the same person passing through the same place, the stray dog barks and he shall put the brave face. Likewise people have the height phobia and they are very much scared. Once we had been to Charminar and we were up to the height of 7 floors and when the whole Hyderabad was visible from the parapet wall, my cousin got fainted and we have to take care of him for a while. Though he said he will manage as the Charminar looks small from the ground, but he did faint from the top view.
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    Children consider their parents as something like Shaktiman the superman who can do anything and solve any problem. They look up to us with those expectations so how can we disappoint them. We might fake it but it gives them some temporary relief and courage.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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