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    World Ozone Day - 'Ozone for Life',

    World ozone day began in 1987 with the signing of the Montreal Protocol. The Montreal Protocol was signed on 16 September 1987, but the start of celebrating 16 September as World Ozone Day was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1994–95.
    This year, the theme of World Ozone Day is 'Ozone for Life', that is, it is necessary for life on earth.

    Life on earth has had to struggle a lot to flourish. It is clear from the study of history and geography that a long time had to be taken for the origin of life on earth. But what has been given to human beings as a result of hard work and nature, today, the man himself is trying to erase it. By continuously intervening in the works of nature, man has brought himself to face nature, where nature can destroy it.

    The ozone layer has improved or heal itself significantly due to the worldwide lock down caused by the corona virus, which indicates that nature can protect itself, but if man continues to play with nature, then man's life is definitely in crisis will come.
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    The ozone layer is protecting us from many unwanted rays from the Sun. It will filter the rays. But if that layer is getting dissolved all harmful rays from the Sun will reach us and we will be feeling the pinch. We did many harmful actions which made a hole in the ozone layer and we have seen the after-effects. Temperatures are on raise and to avoid that we all are getting accustomed to using ACs. So the emissions from ACs are causing further damage to the ozone layer and further it is making the human life horrible on the earth.
    It is reported that ozone depletion in the northern hemisphere has healed. But Scientists say that it is not due to lockdowns because of COVID 19 and COVID is nothing to do with it They feel it happened due to an unusually strong and long-lived polar vortex Air quality changes are no way related to this l hole healing.
    Let us all resolve that we will not do any unfriendly acts towards nature so that it will not be furious on the mankind and extended its help to human beings in leading a happy life on this mother earth.

    always confident

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    The Ozone layer depletion and which is getting dissolved through the powerful ray of sun is causing drastic climactic changes in the recent past. Every city and town is emitting the toxic gases and pollution of vehicles add up to the problems every year. The diesel laden vehicles are the main culprits as the lorries when it is with full load are emitting the toxic black smoke which reach the sky and create more problem for the mankind. The air condition gas from each home is the another problems to which have to fix. While all through the day of offices emit the Air condition gases, and during the night the homes are on with air condtion even during normal weather.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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