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    Google explained the importance of the mask by making a doodle,

    Doodles are made by Google to send messages to people and to remember someone. Google usually makes doodles every day to remember some great personality or to make people aware.

    Today's doodle has been made with a mask, in which information is given about how important the mask is for people. In addition, the doodles contain instructions to avoid the corona virus. The doodle carries the message about the mask, 'Wear a mask, save lives.

    Google thanked the doctors and nurses fighting Corona for their service. Doodle also honored those who are coming forward to help each other to fight the epidemic.
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    This is a nice step taken by the company. I wholly appreciate the efforts of one of the most amazing organization in this regard.

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    Thank you, Google for your good message to the people. Yesterday I have gone out on some work. I have gone in my car and met the person whom I have to meet and came back. On the road, I have seen many people without a mask on their nose and mouth. Other people are talking to them merely. These people are not able to understand the importance of the mask. Now Google has made a good attempt to educate the people through their doodle.
    Some works like this to educate the people may bring in a good change in the people and they will be taking care of their lives and at the same time may be saving the lives of other people.
    Google is making such efforts with an interest of propagating good and increasing the awareness to the people. It is also making doodles on famous personalities so that people will remember the people who did well for the society.

    always confident

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